AVA opens doors to local media

  • These are not times to destabilize the UAT,
  • Lalo Gattas “was a reflex action” apologizes,
  • JR would win if today were the elections,
  • There are two ways to report abuses to the treasury

On Tuesday, Journalist’s Day was celebrated, for the workers of the written press, radio and television, digital, reporters, photographers, columnists, those who make the news, who investigate for society.

Thank you for the invitation for breakfast offered to this sector by Governor AMERICO.

The six-year term of cattle, everyone knows that Governor Cabeza de Vaca thundered with all sectors of society, with Pan himself, even his friends and partners feel disappointed.

There was no empathy from the governor with society, nobody remembers it well.

The image and social communication were entrusted to some criminals who were not white-collar, on the contrary, they were gray-collar, turning to black and excessively corrupt. They endure the slightest audit. The media have a lot of information, it’s just scratching it.

Asking you get to Rome.

Now things look different, AMERICO VILLARREAL does not want confrontation with any sector.

This was expressed at the lunch offered on the occasion of Journalist’s Day.

From all over the state we were summoned one by one.

That was the moment to hear the governor’s message, we decoded each one, and put on the jacket, whoever should put it on.

Another: “Journalism must be critical, it must be done ethically, responsibly.” In addition, he is now witnessing the great transformation that is taking place in Tamaulipas.

Journalism continued by saying the Governor can be done in any space, in any trench with respect, with tolerance to the perceptions and ideas that one has and must also be the engine for the transformation of democracy.

The meeting was held in a pluralistic atmosphere.

The Social Communication Coordinator was able to concentrate the media from all latitudes in the capital city, showing the good intentions of the governor who conceives of the media to disseminate his government actions.

In my perception, it shows an atmosphere of opening after the dark tunnel of more than six years.

Let’s hope it’s for the best and that the honeymoon is eternal.

If today were the elections, Tamaulipas, JOSÉ RAMÓN GÓMEZ LEAL, candidate of the Juntos Hacemos Historia (Morena-PT) coalition, would occupy a place in the Senate of the Republic.

JOSE RAMON, one week away, already exceeds a 37-point difference in the intention to vote for the extraordinary election in the entity, to be held on February 19.

The campaigns of the candidates to fill the vacancy in the upper house of the country began on December 28 and conclude on February 15.

Strange winds blow at the UAT and are beyond the control of the governor. They are not times.

By resuming school and administrative activity, the UAT, our highest university with more than 40,000 enrollments, is committed to educational quality and has preserved student peace.

But apparently someone wants to destabilize university activity.

Now, at this moment, it is calling for the January-June 2023 student mobilization program.

Is it fair:

The municipal president of the capital city, in his own voice, confesses that in an act of confusion.

Let’s see what it says:

EDUARDO GATTÁS BAÉZ, regretted the confusion he had this Monday with the representative of a local media outlet, when he instinctively withdrew the cell phone with which he intended to interview him.

He explained that, upon his arrival at the Municipal Palace, he went to greet the citizens who responsibly came to make the advance payment of the property tax, an act that was interrupted when he perceived the telephone device in his face.

“Regarding the incident, he says that it was a reflex act, I removed it from my face and that generated a misinterpretation. I reiterate my respect to all journalists and I recognize their important informative work for our society”

He endorsed his respect for free expression and reiterated his willingness to attend to all means of communication, with the purpose of continuing to work and report for Victoria, hoping that 2023 will be a year of achievements and successes, personally and for their appreciable families.

In other comments, I believe without ensuring that the embezzlements of the treasury committed by high-level public officials DO have responsibility, even if they have not signed the checks.

That would be a misinterpretation of an embezzlement trial that should be carried out locally.

The Tamaulipas budget contemplates more than 90% of federal money, therefore, if there are arguments of assault on the treasury, it must be a federal crime.

If anything is offered, they can give it both ways.

My email: humbertografico@yahoo.com.mx

Humberto Gutierrez


Public accountant.

He writes in various media in Tamaulipas.

AVA opens doors to local media