Aversa, the “Cirillo” high school opens its doors to families with an “Open Day”

Aversa (Caserta) – For the Open Day in view of enrollments for the next school year, the teaching staff and ATA of the “Domenico Cirillo” Classical and Musical High School of Aversa have scheduled a double appointment this year (respectively on 17 December and on January 14). – continues below

As is now customary in all schools, the “Cirillo”, under the supervision of the principal Luigi Izzo and in collaboration with the management staff, presented the high school institution in all its dimensions both to families and students of the city of Aversa and of the agro. The doors of the historic headquarters in via Corcioni, the only one since the former gymnasium in piazza Cirillo was closed due to unusability, had already been opened to all interested parties on the afternoon of last December 17 and the extraordinary opening was also renewed Saturday 14, from 16 to 19, to offer many citizens of the area the opportunity to visit the high school with its classrooms, laboratories and gym. The two initiatives were managed by Professor Maria Giuseppa Simonelli, who, representing the high school, has been dealing with incoming orientation activities for some time, demonstrating her ability to organize the virtual “open days” of recent years.

The event program was very dense and well structured. After the welcome in the hall by some students of the Institute, who had the task of welcoming those present, the start was given in the Aula Magna “Santulli”, where the director, assisted by the vice principal Professor Loredana D’ Auria and surrounded by the numerous professors involved, addressed his greetings to the many participants, expressing satisfaction and enthusiasm for a much desired event. Headteacher Izzo illustrated the mission of the “Cirillo” high school to the audience, focusing on the most significant points of the institute’s training offer. He then warmly congratulated the whole school community for the excellent success of the two initiatives, which have as their main purpose that of bringing the younger generations closer to disciplines which, far from being outdated in the society of the third millennium, provide a complete and integrated that embraces a wide range of fields of knowledge.

Afterwards, parents and children took turns in the various classrooms of the Liceo, to whom the teachers and students of the “Cirillo” presented in detail the various courses that now characterize the higher education of the only classical and musical institute in the Norman town. First of all, the traditional path, which allows students to study and understand the ancient world in depth through the knowledge of the Greco-Roman civilization, without neglecting the importance of mathematical and scientific disciplines; the Cambridge International specialization, aimed in particular at enhancing the effective use of the English language, which is used, both in the two-year and three-year courses, also through the Clil methodology, i.e. the study of a non-linguistic discipline (Geography/Maths) in a foreign language with the aim of developing in all certified skills and knowledge for the world of work. – continues below

Instead, the biomedical course, now in its fourth year of life, provides for an expansion in the annual number of hours devoted to the sciences also through specific school-work alternation courses and assiduous exercise in the laboratories, of which some practical demonstrations were also given example; the classic of communication, which allows students, alongside traditional disciplines (such as Italian, Latin and Greek), to continue studying two different European languages ​​(English and French), already studied in lower secondary school, and some innovative disciplines, such as journalism thanks to the professionalism of an external expert in the sector, archeology, multimedia languages ​​and law. Finally, in the illustration of the rich educational offer of the “Cirillo” the path of the musical high school also found ample space, the students performed in an artistic performance, each demonstrating the full mastery in the study of their own instrument.

The young students repeatedly underlined that the variegated and multiform educational activities of the Aversano high school certainly do not end with the curricular lessons, which already in themselves cross the humanistic, scientific, linguistic and artistic fields, but often continue also in the afternoon through projects (Pon/Fse-Por), aimed at enriching the global formation of the children’s personalities, and with numerous educational, cultural and sporting trips, which were presented with the direct testimony of the students. Furthermore, every year – it has been rightly pointed out to aspiring high school students – the “Cirillo” offers its students the opportunity to try their hand at regional, national and international competitions (such as the Philosophy, Art or Mathematics Olympics and Greek and Latin Certamina ), including two that have been promoted by the Norman high school for several years, such as the historic Certamen Ciceronianum “Prof. Giuseppe Pompella” and the journalistic award “Maria Elvira Virgilio”.

Great was the satisfaction of families and future members who, after listening carefully to the presentations of the Ptof, seized by enthusiasm and curiosity, asked many questions of various kinds to those who every day, on the one hand and on the other side of the chair, they experience the dynamism of the activities of the “Cirillo” high school, sharing its values ​​and challenges for the future.

Aversa, the “Cirillo” high school opens its doors to families with an “Open Day” – Pupia.tv