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Axel Kuschevatzkyscreenwriter of the theatrical adaptation of the iconic series “Married with kids” told what were the drawbacks that arose when adapting the famous sitcom to theaters.

At first, the producer, cinematographer and journalist highlighted the coincidence in the dates, because on the same day he will also premiere “Puss in Boots the Last Wish“, a film in which he performed the voice of one of the characters.

“Today Puss in Boots the Last Wish is released, which is the new animated film by Dim Words, in which I did the voice of Papa Bear, a character from the movie. But it is also the day that Casados ​​con Hijos is being released, which is a work that we began to define with Diego Alarcon in August 2019″, commented Axel Kuschevatzky, in dialogue with Baires Code (Radio La Plata 90.9)

As a result of this, Kuschevatzky, who served as a scriptwriter for the work that will premiere this Thursday, December 5, specified what were the complications that arose, causing the premiere to be delayed until 2023.

“In the middle there was a pandemic, Married with Children was going to be released in the summer of 2020, then it was moved to 2021 and ended up being released almost three years after the first planned dates,” he pointed out. At the same time that he described the reasons for the great complications that the theater suffered during the pandemic.

“Movies had a way of dealing with the pandemic, you could watch them on platforms, people were gradually going back to movie theaters, there were alternatives. But the theater needed that there was no pandemic, that there was no risk.

And he added: “Married with Children is not just a play, it is an event. Because you had to get the cast together, because the expectations were very high, you couldn’t make a theater with 100 seats. Gustavo Yankelevich who was the one who produced the work, needed it to be done on a date where all the planets would align.”

Regarding what conditions were needed to be able to premiere the work, Kuschevatzky mentioned that one of the determining factors in setting the date was the need for “Luisana’s children (Lopilato) not to have a school calendar” because “they live in Canada almost all year” has totally different school cycles.

It should be remembered that the theatrical adaptation of “Married with Children” will premiere at the Gran Rex, with a cast made up of William Francella, Florence Pena, Luisana Lopilato, Dario Lopilato, Marcelo De Bellis Y Jorgelina Aruzzi.

Kuschevatzky on the Oscars

When asked about what awaits Argentina on the Oscars red carpet, especially for the film “Argentina 12985”, Kuschevatzky explained some rules of the competition to take into account.

“The way the Oscars work has nothing to do with the potential of a film, it has to do with whether the voters in the different stages that reach the Best International Film category, which is where Argentina 1985 participates the most, whether they like the movie or not”.

And he added: “It is a form of subjective recontra election where the only thing we can do, and in fact we have been doing, is to campaign for voters to see the film.”

Axel Kuschevatzky told how it was preparing the return of Married with Children | Baires Code