Back to school in the United States: the best opportunities to buy cheaper

With the start of a new year, too there are some expenses for families in the United States, such as the tax payment and pending invoices of the December holidays. To this must be added possible costs related to going back to school after the Christmas break. Fortunately, there are a few options to avoid a budget hit.

Although the school year ends in June, at this point some supplies may need repair or replacement, it is important review the status of materials and evaluate possible purchases. To reduce costs, it is crucial to organize and plan, as well as use rebate programs and find the best deals.

Establishments such as Staples, Office Depot, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and the inevitable Amazon offer some sales during the back-to-school season in the United States that families can take advantage of. Here are some of the best deals of the season:

Amazon United States has a special offers section for a dozen models of Ruvalino brand backpackswith discounts that vary from 24% to 64%.

Amazon has an active offer to renew the school backpackAmazon

The Staples stationery chain has a promotion available until January 11 that generates the 40% rewards on the purchase of any of the cartridges of ink and toner from its catalogue.

During the month of January, some selected models of ASUS brand laptops have interesting offers on Amazon United Stateswhich can reach up to 50% discount.

BestBuy offers a Apple iPad Pro 64GB with a discount of $80, to settle on a final offer of $249. Walmart also offers this same product for the same price, but clarifies that it is a “refurbished” item.

For those who want to accompany the ride to school with their favorite music or podcast, Target has the Second generation Apple Airpods with a discount of ten dollars for a total offer of US$119.99.

Although it is not so related to going back to school, a new smart television can be a good motivation for the start of the year in the family. BestBuy has an impressive $700 discount on the 65-inch LG QNED Mini-LED 4K display which is published with a final price of US$999.99

Among the discounts on Amazon United States during the week back to schoolhighlights an unusual 88% discount on the book entitled “The Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Theories & Things” which for $1.49 can be part of your Kindle library.

Although there are usually differences between cities, the school year in the United States ends in June
Although there are usually differences between cities, the school year in the United States ends in JuneMyriam Zilles/Unsplash

Although some schools began to return to classrooms since January 2, it was from this Monday when most of the districts resumed activities. In the United States, the school year is defined by each state.. For this reason, students may have different rules and entry dates around the territory.

In some cases those decisions are even made by the local school district, so there is a variation even in terms of holidays or vacations, as long as they are not national. However, an academic year usually consists of between 170 and 186 days of classes, according to the US portal School Holidays.

Regarding the start date, the traditional thing is that the course begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Some schools also open their doors from the last two weeks of August. It all depends on the school district and the educational level at which the students are. What is a generality is that a school year has 42 teaching weeks for everyone, so it usually ends the first days of June.


Back to school in the United States: the best opportunities to buy cheaper