Books to read (bestsellers): from “Spare” to “It starts with us”

Tamong the four books to read of the week there is definitely “Spare – The Minor”. Prince Harry’s memoir is the best-selling of all time. But it is not the only bestseller… .

Discover with us all the hits of the moment.

1/ Books to read: Spare – The minor

Books to read - Spare Il Minore

Why read it

It is time to say: it was a hit…real from day one. Spare – The minorPrince Harry’s memoir in its English version has sold more than 1.4 million copies on its first day of publication. At least according to the publisher Penguin Random House who published the book (in Italy Mondadori).

The sales number includes all formats – print, audio and electronic – in the US, Canada and the UK. The book has been translated into 16 languages.

On Twitter, the hashtag #Shoot was featured in the top 10 trending topics in the US and UK,

The heir and the reserve

From the first pages, Spare – The minor takes readers back to one of the most heartbreaking images of the 20th century: two little boys, two princes, who they follow their mother’s coffin under the pained and horrified eyes of the whole world.

While Diana’s funeral was being celebrated, billions of people wondered what thoughts crowded the minds of Prince William and Prince Harry, what emotions passed through their hearts, and how their lives would unfold from then on.
Prince Harry and the memoir: everything you need to know

Prince Harry and the memoir: everything you need to know

Before losing his mother, 12-year-old Prince Harry was considered the cheerful and carefree Reserve of the more serious Heir to the throne. That mourning, however, changed everything. Harry was faced with school problems and to fight against his own anger and loneliness. What’s more, blaming the press for her mother’s death, she struggles to accept a life in the limelight.

Then came Meghan Markle

At twenty-one he joined the British Army. Discipline gave him stability, and two missions made him a hero at home. Yet he could not find true love.Then he met Meghan Markle. The world was captivated by that novel story and rejoiced in their fairytale wedding. Yet, from the very beginning, Harry and Meghan have been targeted in the press and have had to suffer waves of insults, racism and lies.

Seeing his wife suffer and fearing for their safety and sanity, HHarry found himself forced to flee the country to prevent history, tragically, from repeating itself. The rest is history.

2/ Books to read: It starts with us

Books to read - It starts with us

Why read it

At the same time as Prince Harry’s bestseller on January 10, the sequel to It ends with us, the bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover who has climbed the charts in Italy and around the world and who will become a film.
The story of Lily and Atlas, which has become an international editorial case thanks to tiktok, is a hashtag that has reached the figure of 1.3 billion views. The author has sold over 200,000 copies in Italy alone.

The plot

Lily and Ryle, her ex-husband, have found some balance in their relationship for the sake of their daughter. However, one day Lily meets Atlas again, her first love. After a long time, fate finally seems to be on their side: they are both single, therefore Atlas asks Lily out and she immediately accepts his invitation.

But Lily’s enthusiasm is immediately dampened by the knowledge that, although he is no longer her husband, Ryle is still a big part of her life. And there is no man he hates more than Atlas Corrigan, to the point that he would never want him next to his ex-wife and daughter.

Info. Colleen Hoover. It starts with us. Sperling & Kupfer. 16.90 euros.

3/ Books to read: Tear maker

Books to read - Tear maker

Why read it

Tearmaker by Erin Doom is the best-selling book in Italy in 2022.

Noticed by Magazzini Salani for the first time on Wattpad, the writing platform on which the author had shared the story in installments, Tearmaker is published by the publisher in a revised and updated edition in May 2021.

In a few months, the novel enters the hearts of male and female readers and, also thanks to the thrust fueled by those who have read and shared it on social networks – which makes Tears Maker the first truly successful Italian phenomenon on TikTok – it becomes in a large publishing case with 450,000 copies sold.

Furthermore, in 2023 shooting will begin on the film based on the book, for which Colorado Film acquired the film adaptation rights last spring.

Write under a pseudonym

The author has always written under a pseudonym and chose to remain anonymous. It is known that she is under 30 years old, she lives in Emilia Romagna, she studied Law and she has always cultivated a passion for stories and writing.

By the same author Magazzini Salani also published at the beginning of 2022 The way the snow falls, which today stands at around 150,000 copies sold and 12 editions; this novel is in turn present in the top 10 best-selling books, affirming an exceptional double presence for the author.

Info. Erin Doom. The Tear Maker. Salani Warehouses. 16.90 euros.

4/ Books to read. Kate’s night

Books to read - Kate's Night

Why read it

Charlotte Link is the most successful contemporary German writer. Her novels are all international bestsellers translated into multiple languages ​​and have sold more than 30 million copies in Germany alone.

The author will be in Italy on 24 and 25 January to present Kate’s night. On 24 January in Milan at 6.30 pm (Feltrinelli Duomo), on 25 January in Busto Arsizio at 6.30 pm (Libreria Ubik). He will sign copies at SS Giovanni at 11.30 (Libreria Tarantola), at 13 at Hoepli in Milan, and at Ubik in Como at 16.

The plot of the thriller Kate’s night

A new murder reopens old wounds in the town of Scarborough … and in Kate Linville’s past.

On a freezing December night, a young woman is driving through the English North York Moors, a splendid naturalistic area that is as fascinating as it is solitary. In the morning his body is found in the car on the snowy edge of a lane between the fields. A witness saw the silhouette of a hooded person getting into her car along the road.

Who is this person? Did he know her? Is he the murderer?

Unfriendly, not very malleable, always full of doubts, often oppressed by the sense of loneliness of those who do not try to appear different from how they are, detective Kate Linville, born from the pen of Charlotte Link, he establishes himself, investigation after investigation, as one of the most beloved protagonists of contemporary thrillers.

Info. Charlotte Link. Kate’s night. Corbaccio. 19.90 euros.


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