Caltanissetta: two 15

The victim is a thirteen-year-old guilty of having contested the right to bully other teenagers by his captors.

Youth unease is a rampant scourge that must in no way seem distant or detached from us, as the recent events in Bagheria sadly demonstrate.
Two fifteen year olds were arrested by the Carabinieri of Caltanissetta on charges of having tortured and abused a thirteen year old. The story dates back to last September: the two allegedly lured the thirteen-year-old into a garage by deception, tying his ankles, wrists and mouth with packing tape; they allegedly slapped him, spat in his face and threatened him with tools and a knife, as well as pouring motor oil on him and threatening to set him on fire.
After about an hour and a half, the 13-year-old would have been released with the further threat of death if he revealed what happened.
The two were transferred by the carabinieri to a juvenile penitentiary institution. The crimes hypothesized against them, for various reasons, are kidnapping, threats, aggravated injuries and the carrying of objects likely to offend.
The provision, issued by the Gip of the Caltanissetta Juvenile Court, stems from an investigation by the Carabinieri of the provincial command, coordinated by the Prosecutor for minors Rocco Cosentino from which serious circumstantial elements would have emerged against the two minors.
The motive for the kidnapping and torture, the accusation reconstructs, would be due to the desire of the two fifteen-year-olds to take revenge against the thirteen-year-old, due to the fact that the latter allegedly complained about some attacks that the two arrested allegedly committed against some of his friends.

Even in our area there have been bullying phenomena in one of the school complexes, which the police are allegedly investigating. We must never underestimate the messages that our children send us with sudden changes in character attitude, and do not hesitate to ask for help.

source: ANSA

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Caltanissetta: two 15-year-olds in handcuffs for injuries and kidnapping.