Cap(ŏēs)ys. Surveys on Poetry in Campania at Palazzo Fazio

Luigi Fusco

-Thursday 12 January, at 18.00, at Palazzo Fazio the first meeting of the review will take place in Capua Cap(ŏēs)ys DiVersi UniVersi. Surveys on Poetry in Campaniaedited by the Capuanova Association. Dialogue with the absent is the title of the theme of the meeting that will have Giovanni Nacca as guest. Writer and poet born in Ashton in Great Britain and currently residing in Pignataro Maggiore and former collaborator of the chair of History of Literary Criticism at the University of Cassino. Among his publications are: The Broken Line (2006), Loopholes (2010), Meteorologies (2014), Between paths of clouds and swallows, with a note by the poet and literary critic Fabio Pusterla (2019). Nacca’s production is also present in various anthologies and poetry magazines.

Giovanni Nacca will be introduced by Fiorenzo Marino who will focus on some of his works and on his biographical and strictly poetic profile.

On the other hand, the initiative is promoted by Livio Marino, president of the Capuanova association, who lets it be known that “it will continue on a monthly basis throughout 2023” with the aim of offering an audience passionate and attentive to the literary and visual arts a cross-section of latent and submerged local cultural activity, but fruitful and incisive and which, at the same time, the same association will carry out a specific investigation “aimed at bringing to light intellectuals who move in the shadows and who nevertheless have a following and a listener”. During the event there will also be musical interventions by the flautist Nicola Fiorillo. His notes will accompany the reading of some verses or will be the background to various salient facts relating to the pieces that will be presented. The Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Capua, Vincenzo Corcione, will participate in the meeting and will bring the greetings of the Municipal Administration led by Adolfo Villani.

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