Case of a murdered minor is a reflection of violence as a solution to conflicts: Narváez

The case of the 10-year-old aggressor who went home for a gun to shoot his friend for having won a game is a reflection of today’s society that uses violence to settle differences or conflicts, explained the sociologist researcher at the Veracruzana University (UV), Arturo Narváez.

The professor lamented the case of the ten-year-old boy Eduardo who shot with a firearm and killed his 11-year-old friend Samuel, in the town of El Tejocote, municipality of La Perla in Veracruz.

“It shows that we are in a society that does not know how to handle social conflicts, and increasingly puts violence into practice,” he said.

From the Universidad Veracruzana said the sociologist, professors study the “chain” of violence, that is, they go together, and what the child sees at home is replicated at school, or the adult repeats it in the field of worked.

“At the University we investigate the chains of violence, that is, the violence is not fragmented: school violence, family violence, are articulated, what happens with violence at home has to do with social, work and school aspects, and that influences the way children are raised”.

The researcher from the Faculty of Sociology of the Universidad Veracruzana Arturo Narváez urged society to question what process of formation, education and management of emotions are taught to children and adolescents from home.

“We are facing a challenge of how to move towards a model of resolving conflicts without the use of violence. This fact has to lead us to a collective social reflection”.

An example of “normalizing” violence at home is when fathers and mothers teach their sons and daughters that “spanking”, “blows”, and “belts” are used for discipline, and that the conflict is resolved from of a violent measure.

He pointed out that both the content on television and social networks, as well as the attitudes at the family level and the public activity in which violence is viewed and heard on a daily basis, are part of the models that can be taken as an example by children.

“They see that a conflict was resolved from a violent measure, and that is what the minor sees, that the use of a weapon resolves a problem. It is not an easy subject because historically we have learned that the situation is resolved with violence, ”he explained.

He mentioned that society faces a structural problem, which is why Boys, Girls and Adolescents must be taught to resolve conflicts, differences in relationships and social interactions without the use of violence.

“The way in which conflicts are resolved has been associated with a model of different practices of violence and this permeates the fields of social, economic and political life,” he concluded.


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Case of a murdered minor is a reflection of violence as a solution to conflicts: Narváez – Formato Siete