Christmas films broadcast on TF1 from Monday 24 to Friday 28 October 2022

As the end of year celebrations approach, the traditional “Christmas Films” are back in the afternoon on TF1. Here is the program for these films, from Monday October 24, 2022 to Friday October 24, 2022.

Monday, October 24, 2022

13:55 Christmas with a prince

Visiting New York, Prince Colin of Exeter bumps into Dee Dee, a young New Yorker. To be forgiven, he agrees to play the piano during the rehearsals of his choir, but he does not reveal his true identity to her. Thanks to her, he will discover the city, more particularly Queens, and question his life. Everything gets complicated when his parents, the King and Queen of Exeter, arrive in turn, accompanied by the Duchess Adriana, the woman he is supposed to marry. The prince must then choose between his heart and his obligations…

15:40 Royal Christmas getaway

Anna, a young single nurse, works in the cardiac department of a Boston hospital. During his service, almost all of his colleagues are at the hospital’s charity gala. The Queen of Galwick and her son Prince James donated to the facility as the now deceased King had stayed there three years earlier and greatly appreciated the dedication of the medical staff. A week before Christmas, Anna sets off for Kentsbury, her hometown, where her father runs an inn. At the same time, the royal family leaves for the airport. Anna and the royal family stop at a donut shop at the same time. Due to an impending snowstorm, the royal family can no longer return to Galwick. After briefly getting to know her, Anna suggests that she go to her father’s inn. The snow pushes back the deadline for the royals to leave each day, prompting Anna and James to bond over various Christmas activities.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

13:55 Christmas at the Enchanted Castle

Brooke and Margot decide to go to Ireland to find their deceased father’s family. Doing so, by chance during their wanderings, they meet Aiden, the Earl of Glaslough and master of Castle Hart. They then pretend to be a famous event agency and agree to organize the annual Christmas gala at the castle. But their lies catch up with them…

15:40 The Christmas Waltz

Avery is a successful young woman. A collaborator in a large firm, loved by her friends and family, she is about to get married at Christmas time to her fiancé, David, a seemingly perfect man. To prepare to open the ball on the big day, she enrolls with David in a ballroom dancing class, to learn the waltz. There, she meets Nicky, a lively young boy, and Roman, a client who encourages her to take ten lessons in order to be ready for the big night. But David announces to him that he has accepted a promotion and that he must leave for Boston. He offers her to put their marriage project on hold. Sad and disappointed, Avery leaves him. She returns to the dance studio to cancel classes and reunites with Roman, who turns out to be the owner of the place. He encourages her to keep the lessons to herself and to do a free half-hour evaluation included in the package.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

13:55 The surprise Christmas guest

Paige, who works in events, returns to spend Christmas with her parents in the family hotel and organizes the New Year’s Eve party on the theme of Christmas traditions in the world. She does not know that her parents are planning to sell the hotel to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Dylan arrives to appraise the hotel for this sale, accompanied by his son, Noah. Paige introduces them to local traditions, much to Noah’s delight. As Paige and Dylan grow closer, Paige begins to consider taking over the hotel from her parents. But she discovers the sale project by chance and, feeling betrayed, she reproaches her parents and Dylan for their silence.

15:40 Christmas at the Enchanted Mansion

In 1903, Charles Whitley, millionaire and genius inventor, bought an old clock to give to his fiancée at Christmas. As he tries to fix it, he suddenly faints and wakes up the next day, propelled into the 21st century… There, he meets Megan Turner, who will try to pass on her love of Christmas traditions to him, to help him get home and maybe more…

Thursday, October 27, 2022

13:55 Christmas all fired up

Since the death of his wife, Michael has devoted all his time to his daughter, Lily, and to his work as a firefighter. One day, his friend, Noah, posts a video of the father and daughter dancing on the internet and suddenly they are famous. Every woman dreams of meeting America’s favorite dad. Michael doesn’t feel ready to take the plunge until he bumps into Olivia, Lily’s dance teacher. Both fall in love with each other, but the situation is not simple: Olivia has money worries and may have to go live in Florida and Michael fears that this new relationship will disrupt her daughter, already weakened by the death of her mother.

15:40 The Christmas Heiress

As Christmas approaches, Jessica Morgan, a wealthy heiress, yearns for a relaxing holiday in the small town of Glenbrooke. There, she meets a charming firefighter.

Friday, October 28, 2022

13:55 The Fabulous Christmas Parade

Liz lives in Seattle with her daughter, Hannah. A few days before Christmas, she receives a call informing her that her father has injured himself. Despite their estrangement, she finally decides to spend Christmas in Portside, the coastal town where she grew up, to take care of her father. The latter has his arm immobilized and has refused to celebrate Christmas since the death of his wife, who was very fond of this time of year. Dennis, the grumpy grandfather, will gradually cheer up in contact with his daughter, but especially his granddaughter, Hannah, by spending privileged moments with her. But there is a shadow on the board: the old man is in debt and the bank is threatening to seize his house. Liz then decides to register for the Christmas parade in the hope of winning the grand prize of $25,000 which will be awarded to the boat with the most beautiful illuminations. Luke, her childhood friend who does not seem indifferent to her charm, helps Liz decorate the boat in time to participate in the parade…

15:40 Finding a Santa Claus

When the official Santa Claus of a small town in Connecticut is injured, Grace, the manager of the famous Christmas parade, must find an emergency replacement. She goes to look for the son of said Santa Claus, Ben, in Boston, to convince him to replace his father, without success. The events nevertheless lead Grace and Ben, whom everything opposes, to spend time together and to confront their respective life choices.

Christmas films broadcast on TF1 from Monday 24 to Friday 28 October 2022