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Maria Beatrice Crisci

-“Gender medicine. Precision medicine”. This was discussed yesterday afternoon in the council chamber of the Municipality of Caserta on the initiative of the Equal Opportunities Commission. The event sponsored byOrder of Doctors of Caserta and ofAIDM association, Association of Women Doctors section of Caserta, saw a strong participation. The President of the Commission is satisfied Drusilla de Nicola “for the interesting interventions of the speakers who took part. Many of those present – he underlined – expressed satisfaction with the initiative and asked to be able to explore the subject later with another meeting». Then, he added: «Disseminating scientific advances that take into account gender differences in the various stages of life by offering better treatment opportunities is one of the missions of the CPO. The attention on this issue that Alessandra Cirelli, a member of the PCO has already drawn for some time, met with the approval of the entire commission and the valid support of the provincial order of doctors and of the Italian Women Doctor Association».

Then, the president of AIDM Tarabuse: «I am grateful to the Equal Opportunities Commission for having chosen this topic. The AIDM works above all for the dissemination of gender medicine or precision medicine which puts the patient at the center of care with all his/her gender characteristics. I am convinced that gender medicine training activities should not only be aimed at health professionals but also at the population to help the individual improve the behaviors that can influence the state of health”. Then, she added: «I thank all those who collaborated. From Doctor Mario Parillo to fellow members Carolina Bologna, Loredana Della Valle, Rosa Marmo and Maria Teresa Marmo». The meeting opened with greetings from the Mayor Carlo Marino, the Equality Councilor of the Region Mimma Lomazzo, the President of the Medical Association Carlo Manzi. Then, the Councilor for the Right to Health Enzo Battarra. “There are no diseases, but there are sick people. Gender medicine – highlighted the councilor – is a medicine attentive to the differences that are evident, from how the same disease is also interpreted by a male patient compared to a female one. It is right that there should be gender medicine, and it is right to study the subject further, underline the differences and give assistance in a reasoned way to the needs of each individual person”.

Maria Beatrice Crisci

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