Generation 2000 in Iran

Stop the bloodshed in Iran!

Stop the bloodshed in Iran!

This generation grew up online with the internet and the virtual world. It is said that before the current uprising, more than 70% had access to the web. The internet has familiarized her with the cultures and countries of the world, smothering the impact of the medieval straitjacket of the mullahs, which reigns over all aspects of life, from schoolbooks to television and cinema.

These young people are resentful of self-censorship and easily express their feelings. They have the right to express themselves within the family. In addition, they are reckless and rebellious in submission. They don’t want to censor themselves or bury their dreams.

Thanks to the web and its applications, this generation has been able to open several black boxes of the regime’s lies. And it led her to discover many truths that sharpened her opposition and desire to overthrow religious tyranny.

The black boxes

Among these black boxes, she deciphered the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988. That year, 30,000 political prisoners, 90% from the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI / MEK) the sworn enemies of the mullahs, were executed . The “2000” know that this massacre was ordered by a fatwa from Khomeini at the end of the Iran-Iraq war to compensate for his defeat in the war and ensure the survival of his regime. They also know that the mullahs went so far as to destroy mass graves in order to erase the traces of this massacre.

This generation has deciphered the black box of the inhuman war of Khomeini (founder of the Islamic Republic) against Iraq to extend its domination over the region, and pass off this appalling carnage as a “sacred defense”. She knows that the conflict has served to conceal internal repression. She is well aware that millions of Iranians have been killed, injured and maimed just to keep the regime in place.

This generation has identified those who sacrificed their lives for Iran under the mullahs’ medieval tortures and knows full well who cares about the country, even though an avalanche of official media, publications and films says otherwise.

end of game


The “2000” have understood that the reformists and the radicals who share power are nothing but a scandalous game of dupe to mislead the people. It was this generation that for the first time chanted in 2018: “reformers, radicals, the game is over”.

She has read the vice patrol black box and knows that the repression of women is not due to religion or even the hijab, but serves to control a society whose political and cultural aspirations are suppressed. It is for this reason that the religious dictatorship holds a record of executions in the world and is the center of the massacre of the innocent. This is why courageous young people like Sarina and Nika wanted to erase from the history of Iran this demagogue regime which adorns itself with religion.

This generation has re-read the black box of the massacres perpetrated in Syria by Qassem Soleimani, the regime’s number two, annihilating tens of thousands of children and young people, solely out of the need to cover up the repression in Iran. She deciphered the black box of interference by theocracy in the countries of the region.

Nuclear and terrorism

She decoded the nuclear black box that devoured billions of dollars of the country’s wealth to ensure the mullahs’ survival. It has witnessed the export of terrorism and fundamentalism that has flooded other countries with money and facilities, impoverishing Iranians.

The “2000” witnessed the carnage policy carried out by the regime during the coronavirus epidemic, how Khamenei banned the entry of valid foreign vaccines for the population and how their relatives and friends and thousands of Innocent Iranians have died in the vaccine embargo. They saw how the IRGC emptied the pockets of the people to make them buy fake vaccines which claimed a multitude of lives.

The difference between this generation and those that preceded it is that it has nothing more to lose and above all that it dares to imagine a future without this regime.


Qalibaf, the current Speaker of Iran’s Parliament, said in a television election debate that 5% of Iranians have enough money, while 95% have many problems to finish the month, week or even day.

In these social abysses that have been dug in Iran, almost all layers of the middle class have been thrown to the bottom, forming a new, highly politicized class that knows what it wants and what it does not want.

This generation has experienced the rush of the hungry to find a scrap of bread in a country teeming with oil, gas and mines. She saw how a crowd of homeless people sleep in graves, on roofs or pavements, and the lack of facilities for every young person to guarantee their health.

She has seen and suffers glaring inequalities, discrimination, rampant state corruption, looting and violence. This is why it is determined to destroy all representations of this regime. There are no more billboards with portraits of Khomeini, Khamenei and Qassem Soleimani that have not been set on fire.


This generation has now taken to the streets to demand freedom and a future. She wants to change the black destiny that the government wants to impose on her. She defies the mullahs, opposes imposed culture and inflames it with her anger.

Yes, as the demonstrators say, this is no longer a protest but a revolution. A revolution against the most reactionary and corrupt bloodthirsty power in Iran’s 3,000-year history.

Generation 2000 in Iran