GREEN LINE START: Artisan Sardinia on Saturday on RAI 1

Sardinia on RAI 1 on Saturday 7 January – The episode of “Linea Verde Start”, canceled due to the death of Benedict XVI, has been rescheduled for next Saturday. The popular broadcast between craft businesses and unusual landscapes. Maria Amelia Lai (President of Confartigianato Sardinia): “Important initiative of Confartigianato in collaboration with Rai to give voice to businesses and territories”. The episode dedicated to Sardinia, and in particular to Logudoro and Gallura, of the “Linea Verde Start” program has been rescheduled for next Saturday, starting at 12.00, a program that enhances and enhances the Sardinian artisan excellence associated with Confartigianato.

The broadcast had been canceled due to the death of Pope Benedict XIV and will be re-proposed on Saturday 7 January on the Primo channel Rai. The television program made exclusively with Confartigianato will show the pride of Sardinian entrepreneurs for the very deep traditions of a land that offers precious raw materials to their creativity and talent. The artisan manufacturing ability is then expressed in many sectors and in surprising forms, but always linked to an even millenary culture. Guided by the presenter and journalist Federico Quaranta, the episode will give space to the artisan realities, and the territories where they operate, to tell the story of their activities and their passions, to make tangible the soul of craftsmanship and the importance of tradition and of innovation in the world of “know-how”.

In Logudoro it is the deep bond with the Sardinian land and with its production traditions that characterizes the activity of Sonia Galleu, an agri-food artisan specialized in milling in Ozieri (Sassari). Her company, Molino Galleu, with an adjoining museum, started in 1922 by her great-grandfather, remains anchored to the choice of grinding and transforming only local Sardinian grains. A decision aided by the investment in technology: the new machinery is in fact used to analyze and certify the quality of the local, Km0 wheat. In Gallura, in Tempio Pausania, the most important area in the world for the production of cork, Antonello Meloni’s TP Cork Solutions company produces the most diverse products: objects, furnishing accessories, leather goods.

This economy is the pride and joy of Sardinia and of the artisan company, now in its third generation and where the female workforce prevails. Also in the center of Gallura, the ancient traditions of the Sardinian territory are the heritage of the activity of Erbe di Sardegna, of Lucia Cascioni, an artisan of cosmetics. Her company, created 16 years ago, uses local wild plants (from myrtle to arbutus to helichrysum) to make strictly natural products, inspired by traditional herbal recipes and uses simple production processes to extract the active ingredients useful for the well-being of the body. The journey of discovery of Gallura’s artisan beauties will continue in Cugnana, at the gates of Olbia, in the meeting with Stefano Varrucciu, of the Ceramiche Varalto company, producer of refined Sardinian handicrafts, ceramics and tiles. In production, the company also refers to the roots of the Nuragic culture while Sardinian nature inspires the colors of the products made with the passion and creativity inherited from the father.

The naturalistic extraordinary nature of northern Sardinia will be immortalized by the images of the Caves of San Michele in Ozieri, the Church of Santa Croce in Ittireddu, the Tomb of the Giants in Pascaredda di Calangianus and the inlets of Capo Figari and Cala Moresca. The conductor Federico Quaranta will show the island and his intense passion through a less conventional way: whoever tunes into the “Green Line Start” will see the soul of a region that ranges between the mountains and the sea, in a inextricable. The program will therefore see the island with its multiple souls of sea and land and its heritage of artisan businesses immersed in a breathtaking landscape.

Fertility is the common thread that binds the stories of these entrepreneurs driven by a passion for their work and protagonists of activities that protect and enhance the natural riches of the area. “Pride, passion, dexterity and genius are the characteristics of Sardinian craftsmanship and the true strength of our businesses – added Maria Amelia Lai, President of Confartigianato Imprese Sardegna, whose speech will conclude the episode dedicated to the Island – realities that are mostly familiar and continue the tradition of their predecessors. With this important initiative Confartigianato, in collaboration with Rai, gives voice and visibility to our world of craftsmanship, so unique and valiant in creating excellence and in keeping the history and traditions of our land alive and vital”. Confartigianato in Sardinia strongly believes in the value of craftsmanship and small businesses. And it supports it with a series of services, initiatives, activities on various fronts: skills training, enhancement on foreign markets, drive towards technological innovation and digitalisation. It promotes its ability to create unique, personalized products, an expression of the territory, such as those with an ‘artisan value’ that make Made in Italy inimitable and appreciated throughout the world.

GREEN LINE START: Artisan Sardinia on Saturday on RAI 1