How much does a Totalplay employee earn in 2023? SALARY per position

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total play is a company that belongs to Grupo Salinas and is dedicated to the telecommunications sector, which is why it offers Internet access, pay television, and telephony services for residential and business customers, which are provided through fiber optics and with access nodes. GPON. Next, we detail How much earn a employee of this company with updated rates at 2023as well as his salary per position.

In addition to offering Internet services in Mexico, total play It has a friendly and graphic television interface that includes the most popular streaming applications so that whoever hires it can have all the services on the same platform. These include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBOMAX, blim TV, among others. The company was acquired by Grupo Salinas in its entirety in 2014.

total play It has coverage in a large part of the country, in addition to offering Internet with up to 1000 Mbps download speed, interactive television with high-definition channels, turning back the programming time, as well as interactive apps, Totalplay App, on-demand service for rent movies, series, soap operas and programs, as well as telephone service. Next, we detail how much win a employee of the company in 2023as well as his salary for Market Stall.

The salaries updated to 2023 that we present to you, and that the employees of total play were taken from the newspaper Job Offers of the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion of Mexico City (CDMX), and we also present the vacancies of work that are currently availableas well as the level of education they require. To apply for them, access it by clicking HERE. You can also contact the Totalplay Line via WhatsApp at 800 050 4040.

How much does a Totalplay employee earn in Mexico this 2023? SALARY per position

  • Employee of Totalplay from sales promoters: 7,000 pesos per month, requires a high school degree.
  • installation assistant Totalplay: 8,000 pesos per month, requires a high school degree.
  • collection manager: 8,000 pesos per month, with a minimum high school degree.
  • Fiber optic installer assistant: 8,000 pesos per month, level of technical education.
  • business promoter: 9,000 pesos per month, with a minimum level of high school education.
  • Microbusiness Executive: 9,000 pesos per month with high school level.
  • fiber optic installation technician: 12,000 per month, with a minimum school level of technical career.
  • Brand Promoter: 6,000 to 9,000 a month, with a high school education degree.
  • Customer Service Executives: 7,300 pesos with a high school degree.

Among the legal benefits offered total play to the workers this 2023In addition to the salaries per position already mentioned, there are:

  • base salary
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Constant growth
  • free training

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How much does a Totalplay employee earn in 2023? SALARY per position