In Savigliano the Mellea torrent will be safer

Hydrogeological instability, a topic of great importance that requires immediate and concrete countermeasures. The good news is that almost 4.9 million euros will arrive in the Cuneo area, in Savigliano, for two interventions to embank the Mellea stream.
In total there are eight Piedmontese municipalities which, on the basis of national criteria, will be able to benefit from the resources for 2022 of the Rendes Program of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security. «The Decree will soon be released, in which interventions are planned for a value of over 30 million euros which will go to support 8 Municipalities of our territory affected by floods and landslides – announce the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio and the councilor for Infrastructures , Transport and soil protection Marco Gabusi -. A new and strong injection of resources on an important issue such as the prevention of hydrogeological risk and the damage of bad weather on which in 2022 we have already fielded over 80 million euros through the European funds of the Pnrr, but also national and regional resources. With this new allocation, the total thus rises to more than 110 million euros for over 240 interventions throughout the region”.
The Rendis National Program has as its main objective the formation of a unitary framework of the works and resources involved in the field of soil protection, shared by all the Administrations that operate in the planning and implementation of the interventions.
The interventions concern in particular the safety of the banks of the streams, consolidation works on schools and public buildings and hydraulic defense works. In addition to Savigliano, more than 16.5 million euros will go to the Vercelli area for the construction of the spillway west of Fontanetto Po. More than 4.5 million euros to the Turin area, with around 2 million euros for Borgone di Susa for the hydraulic arrangement of the Borella and Costa rivers and over 2.5 million in Piobesi Torinese for the reduction of the hydraulic risk. In addition, 2.6 million euros will go to the Municipality of Premia, in the Vco, for the hydro-geological arrangement of the Rio Cingio basin. More than 1 million euros will arrive in the province of Alessandria, 450 thousand euros in Casalnoceto for safety measures which will also concern Volpedo and 600 thousand euros in Borghetto di Borbera for hydraulic defense works of the Borbera stream. Finally, in the province of Asti, 660 thousand euros to Vesime for consolidation works on the slope above the school buildings and sports facilities.
«We know how difficult it is for the municipal administrations to be able to set aside funds for the safety of their territories – conclude the president Cirio and the councilor Gabusi -. And we are therefore happy to communicate that, once again, we have taken a step forward for the safety of citizens and the places in which they live”.
Matteo Gagliasso, Savigliano councilor of the Lega Salvini Piemonte regional group adds: «Thanks to the Rendis programme, 4.9 million euros will arrive for the safety of the Mellea torrent, which has threatened Savigliano and its hamlets so many times». Indeed, intervention is definitely necessary. «Another fundamental action – confirms Gagliasso – which confirms the overall approach that the Region with a Lega majority has guaranteed in recent years to the defense of our territories. Today finally comes the announcement of the interventions that can no longer be postponed on the Mellea stream, which in recent years has repeatedly broken its banks, flooding the town of Savigliano, as in 2008, or threatening the connections with its hamlets, as when in 2019 destroyed 120 meters of road towards the hamlet of Santa Rosalia. A threat that, thanks to the fruitful planning work carried out with the Local Administration, can be defused to protect the safety of our community”.
The intervention that many were waiting for, therefore, but which must not remain isolated. It is hoped that prevention works can also be carried out in the area from now on, to prevent the flow of streams and rivers, stimulated by climate change, from representing a cause for concern.

In Savigliano the Mellea torrent will be safer – – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo