Ipsia Terni, addresses in ‘Entertainment technician’ and ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’

At the Ipsia Pertini in Terni the first courses of study in Umbria dedicated to ‘Cultural and entertainment services’ and ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’. The training offer is ever closer to the needs of the territory.

The Institute of Higher Education Ipsia Sandro Pertini Of Terni, got by the Umbria Region and of the Regional School Office, upon approval of the province of Terni. two new courses of study to expand the educational offer in the area.

‘Cultural and entertainment services’ and ‘Furnishing and interior furnishings’, these are the courses, which are absolute educational innovations as they are the first and only school courses of this type present in all of Umbria.

The goal is to give a strong signal of change and a concrete job opportunity to our young people, the sectors which are growing rapidly in our area.

The Vice-President of the Institute, Mr Prof. Federico Fadda to the microphones of Teleenvironment explained the two new training offers:
“They are two innovative addresses and arise precisely from the request of the productive activities of the territory and therefore directly from their manifestations of interest”.

“We also have an agreement with Umbria Film Commissionhe said the regional foundation strongly desired by Umbria region for the relaunch and support of the film industry which, as we can see, is booming, with the various villages and towns of our area full of sets”

“This is definitely good Fadda commented again that of cinema it is a real industry that needs important figures such as electricians, fitters, sound engineers, set designers”.

“With this new coursehe continuedthat of ‘entertainment technician’ we wanted to give a concrete answer to this request for workers and professional manpower”.

The professor Fadda he then illustrated the characteristics of the other address

‘Furniture and Interior Supplies’ this too stems from various expressions of interest from the main leading companies in the area such as F.lli Canalicchio and Paolini furniture partners of the consortium ‘Umbria Nautical Cluster’which is establishing itself as a district of excellence in the sector”

“There have been expressions of interestrecalled Faddabecause they have a vital need for manpower, specialized technicians, professional figures who leave our institution after five years”

Characteristics ofIpsia S. Pertini Institute Cpia of Terni

“The peculiarity of our institutethe vice principal said again is that our students start from the first year to do practical exercises”

“They go down to our laboratorieshas explained- in the electricity sector, mechanic, fashion sectornow also in the sector of cultural services and entertainment and interior furnishings and supplies and immediately get their hands dirty, this is what motivates them the most”

“From the second year onwardshe concludedthey can start doing school-work alternation therefore going directly to the companies that have requested these courses to do practical work”

The head teacher of the institute also took part in the presentation of the study programmes Fabricius Canolla

Ipsia Terni, addresses in ‘Entertainment technician’ and ‘Furniture and interior furnishings’ – News from TeleAmbiente TV