“Love you don’t choose, it falls on you”: Emmanuel Macron responds to journalists from “Rencontres du Papotin”

WE LOOKED FOR YOU – The President of the Republic lent himself to the game of unexpected questions from journalists with autistic disorders in the France 2 program.

“What do you do as a job? Emmanuel Macron? » Facing the journalists of the newspaper the Papotin, the President of the Republic does not disassemble and responds calmly. Like Jacques Chirac in 2002 and Nicolas Sarkozy In 2015, the Head of State agreed to answer candidly to the varied and often atypical questions of these non-professional reporters with autistic disorders.

Unfiltered questions

This meeting, broadcast in the program “The meetings of the Papotin” on France 2, was logically expected. His loves, his family, Ukraine, politics were mentioned. From the start of the program, the questions flow without filter: “Do you have a lot of money?” we ask him immediately. To which he responds: “I had more before being at the Élysée!” “Do you have many friends?” “It’s not the best job to have a lot of friends”.

“First of all when you meet him like that, he is not unpleasant, it’s the paradox…”

Emmanuel Macron on Vladimir Putin

Then make way for politics with “Are you a right-winger?” Where ” What do you think of Cheese friesand did he start the war because of a country that provoked it?” Emmanuel Macron explains: “First of all, when you meet him like that, he’s not unpleasant, it’s the paradox…. Then I think there’s nothing to justify starting a war […]».

His relationship with Brigitte Macron mentioned

Love is also widely mentioned. One of the journalists wonders “Why is it not possible for a patient to fall in love with a supervisor? ». “I think the principle of love is that anything is possible. You don’t really choose love, it falls on you…”. A young man then holds out a handwritten paper read by the President on which it is noted: “He is the President, he must lead by example and not marry his teacher”. With a smile on his face, the person concerned confides: “When you’re in love, you don’t choose. And then it was my drama teacherso it doesn’t matter.”. The reporters then burst out laughing and slipped “oh the smart one! ». One of them then pushes the reflection by asking the Head of State how his parents had reacted when they learned of his relationship with Brigitte: “Bad, it’s normal. I think that you always imagine for your children a pattern of life of a certain standard and when something happens that does not correspond to your pattern, you are not necessarily comfortable and your parents, at the beginning, are worried for you. It was a mixture of that and, for me, it redoubled my desire to follow my path..

Surprises and emotion

The interview is also punctuated by surprises with several songs and moments of laughter, such as when one of the journalists offers a brilliant imitation of Nicolas Sarkozy. Throughout the interview, emotion is never far away, especially when one of the reporters confides in the bullying he has suffered. Another asks the President point-blank “Do you miss Manette? » evoking the grandmother of the Head of State to whom he was very close. The latter cannot hide his trouble with tears in his eyes. “Yes I miss her because she took care of me a lot when I was little and a teenager”.
If Emmanuel Macron answered frankly to this singular interview, he was, on the other hand, too little to say in his answer to the question: “How can you improve the lives of autistic people? »… Despite this, by speaking more personally during this interview, the president pulled off a nice publicity stunt.

“Love you don’t choose, it falls on you”: Emmanuel Macron responds to journalists from “Rencontres du Papotin”