Medical Association Ce. PNRR, new territorial health arrangements

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– A morning of study full of news and reflections. It was the Provincial Order of Doctors-Surgeons and Dentists of Caserta, chaired by Charles Manzi, to organize the training event «PNRR Mission 6 and DM77. An opportunity for the area.” The well-attended conference took place this morning in the Order’s Auditorium. It was an extremely topical initiative that focused on the consequences of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the health field. The president of the Order, Carlo Manzi, opened the meeting. Following the institutional greetings of the general director of the ASL of Caserta Amedeo Blasotti and of the president Card and general director of the ASL of Benevento Gennaro Volpe.

The meeting was born from the will of the president and the entire Council of the Order of Doctors, with the aim of building this focus on future reorganization and requalification interventions of the health and social health system in the Campania Region, in the light of the actions envisaged by the Pnrr and by Ministerial Decree 77. «These provisions – highlighted Manzi – give us the tools to reorganize the territory. The Region is implementing these ministerial directives and the Local Health Authorities are doing the same thing. Everyone for his part must try to make a contribution so as not to frustrate this important opportunity that is given for the reorganization and strengthening of territorial assistance”.

«A great challenge for Terra di Lavoro», underlined the director Amedeo Blasotti. “It means changing our entire assistance system. We are ready and we are working both technically and for the new territorial and health organization ».

Anna Maria Ferriero of the Region intervened on “Mission 6 component: the application in the Campania Region”: «With the resolution of the Giunta 682 of 13 December last, the Campania Region approved the guidelines on the territorial reorganization interventions in application of the planned activities by the PNRR and by the DM 77. The regional organizational model foresees a governance of the new model of territorial healthcare assistance with a pyramid structure».

On “Lights and shadows of the Pnrr Mission 6″ Antonella Guida, director of the health district 12 of the ASL Caserta, took the floor: «It is certainly a great opportunity also because for the first time we are trying to give an impression of standardization of local health. The funds are there and must be used. This opportunity should be seized.”

The works moderated by Vincenzo Iodice, health director of the Asl of Caserta, also saw the interventions of Marco De Fazio (Asl Benevento) “The territorial perspectives of the Asl of Benevento” and by Vincenzo Magnetta (Asl Caserta) “The CDC planning and ODC and COT of ASL Caserta”. Then, the round table with Domenico Amato (Asl Caserta), Federico Iannicelli (Asl Caserta), Annalisa Napoli (Sigm), Lupo Giacomo Pulcino (Asl Caserta), Luigi Sodano (Asl Napoli1).

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