Olga Moreno breaks David Flores Carrasco’s heart after throwing him out

Olga Moreno has made a decision that determines the future of his daughter Lola and David Flores Carrasco. As she said in an interview months ago on The Ana Rosa program, Lola and David Flores are always together.

That is why, having shared custody with Antonio David, Lola spends half a month at each one’s house, and David Flores too. That is to say, both do not separate and thus, David Flores, until now, lived half a month at Olga Moreno’s house.

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This was decided by his father Antonio David and Olga, who agreed to this situation for the good of both. However, Olga has now decided to think about her and has made a decision in which David Flores Carrasco It’s not part of your life.

Olga Moreno’s decision that separates David Flores Carrasco from his life

As said in Party the last weekend, Olga Moreno goes to live in Madrid together with his partner Agustín Etienne. So Lola will also go with her, but not David Flores Carrascowho will now live between his father’s and his sister’s house Rocio Flores.

In fact, it was recently learned that when David Flores was not at Olga Moreno’s house, he stayed at Olga Moreno’s house. Rocio Flores. Well, the influencer is independent in Malaga living together with her partner Manuel Bedmar.

It must be remembered that David Flores has had a genetic disease since he was born, so his parents are obliged to continue taking care of him. It is precisely for this reason that rociítohis mother, is obliged to give him a pension that he has not met since 2018.

Montage of photos from the video of Olga Moreno with David Flores at a party

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But returning to the issue of Olga Moreno and her transfer to Madrid, it is known that she would have already spoken with Antonio David to tell him this and tell him that David Flores would have to leave. A decision that will break the heart of the young man who always saw Olga as a mother for him.

However, Olga is aware that this decision could also come against her, as she would be afraid of this, according to what she reported. bethlehem esteban. “She sees that what has happened with Rociíto’s children can happen with the little person”, referring to her daughter Lola and the separation with her father and her brother.

These are Olga Moreno’s plans in Madrid

Well, Lola has a great relationship with David Flores and this change is going to be very big for her, and her mother is aware of it. However, she has decided to bet on her relationship and her future in the capital with her partner.

As reported by Amor Romeira in Party, another of the objectives to be fulfilled by Olga when she went to Madrid would be to return to television. “Her partner of hers is trying to include her as a collaborator in the new edition of survivors. He is proposing her to work on television.”

But the million dollar question is how Olga plans to maintain joint custody with Antonio David if he is in Malaga and she will live in Madrid.

All these issues will be seen throughout this year, because in addition, Lola is in the middle of the school year in Malaga. So it would be necessary to see if this move occurs before June, that is, before Lola finishes the course.

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Olga Moreno breaks David Flores Carrasco’s heart after throwing him out