Ouředník’s Novecento performed by Lino Guanciale is staged at Camploy

First appointment of the year with L’Altro Teatro at Camploy. On Tuesday 17 January at 20.45 “Europeana. Brief history of the twentieth century”, or Ouředník’s twentieth century interpreted by Lino Guanciale, a vortex of contradictions that overwhelms the audience.

The show directed and interpreted by Lino Guanciale, a well-known and beloved face of Italian theater and television, is based on the book of the same name by the writer Patrik Ouředník, born in Prague and Parisian by adoption. The text is a succession of flashes from twentieth-century European history that summarizes a century full of enthusiasm, tragedies, leaps, brutality, sarcasm, passions and wars. As if he were a reporter from another planet or from the future, who came to collect shreds of civilization European in the most contradictory of its centuries, the Prague born Patrik Ourednik crosses the twentieth century with his Europeana, passing with ease from the use of gas in the trenches of the Great War to the invention of the bra, from the Normandy landings to the appearance of refrigerators and hair dryers. The result is a tale of our recent past, terrible and funny at the same time, incredible and simple, where exceptionality and frivolity all find their place. Lino Guanciale takes the writer’s torrent of episodes and stories and transforms them in a big breath, into a sentence as long as a show, where one passes in one fell swoop from tragedy to farce and vice versa. The staging follows the line of the novel, faithfully restoring its soul in a vortex of contradictions through data and dates, tragedies of all kinds, scientific progress and inventions that have changed our lives. Dialogue with him Marko Hatlak, his double in music, which like an accordion tightrope walker travels in the universe of limitless sounds and offers an intelligent and amused musical counterpoint, made up of other fragments that recall further stories, in a close exchange between acting and music.

A show that is at the same time reading, monologue and concert and tells the other side of Europe, the double bottom of history, within a sequence of events that do not happen in a linear way, but intersect: things that happened at the same time, jumps back and forth, suddenly, throughout the century, which is thus retraced several times, making the same years re-read from different points of view. On the day of the show at 18.30 Lino Guanciale will meet the audience at the Camploy Theater.Tickets
Full price 14 euros – Over65s 12 euros – Under30s 10 euros – Conventions 11 euros.
On sale at the Box Office in via Pallone 16 (Monday/Friday 90.30 – 12.30/15.30 – 19, Saturday 09.30/12.30 – tel. 045/8011154) – online at

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www.spettacoloverona.itwww.comune.verona.it on the Facebook page L’Altro Teatro Verona and on the Instagram profile L’Altro Teatro Verona.Camploy.LINEN PILLOW. Born in 1979 in Avezzano (L’Aquila), after a few past rugby matches (under 16 and under 19 national selection), he enrolled at the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he graduated in 2003 and obtained the Gassman Prize as the best student of the last ten years. Immediately afterwards he began working in the theater, first with Gigi Proietti (Romeo and Juliet, the inaugural show of the Globe Theater in Rome), then with Claudio Longhi (The Marriage of Figaro, The Solitude of the Cotton Fields, Sallinger, Get a little true fact ) and Franco Branciaroli (among other shows: La peste, Cos’è l’amore, Lo zio), collaborating with some of the most important names on the Italian stage, from Luca Ronconi (Atti di Guerra) to Walter Le Moli (The inconstant, Antigone), from Massimo Popolizio (Ploutos, or of wealth) to Michele Placido, who after directing him in Fontamara entrusts him with the role of Nunzio in the film Vallanzasca – The Angels of Evil. Since 2005, he has supported his work in the theater by teaching and scientific-theatrical dissemination in secondary schools and universities (he is in the teaching staff of the IUAV in Venice). He made his film debut in 2008, playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Io, Don Giovanni by Carlos Saura, followed by La prima linea by Renato De Maria. He was later in the cast, as well as the aforementioned Vallanzasca, of the films Il jewel by Andrea Molaioli, The added sex by Francesco Antonio Castaldo, My tomorrow by Marina Spada, To Rome with Love by Woody Allen, The discovery of the dawn by Susanna Nicchiarelli. In 2012 he starred in Francesca Staasch’s Happy Days Motel, co-starred in Pappi Corsicato’s The Face of Another and in the ensemble cast of Stefano Tummolini’s Summer is Ending and Paolo and Vittorio Taviani’s Marvelous Boccaccio. In 2017 he starred in the films I Peggiori by Vincenzo Alfieri and La casa di famiglia by Augusto Fornari, in 2018 he was in theaters with Arrivano i prof by Ivan Silvestrini. On TV he has starred in the fiction series The secret of water by Renato De Maria, the three seasons of Una grande famiglia (directed by Riccardo Milani and Riccardo Donna) and has been the male protagonist of some highly successful series broadcast on the Rai networks : May God help us 2 and 3, The veiled lady, the two seasons of Don’t tell my boss and The red door, the three seasons of L’Allieva. From 25 January he is Commissioner Ricciardi in the series by Alessandro D’Alatri broadcast on Raiuno. We will soon see it in Survivors.

Ouředník’s Novecento performed by Lino Guanciale is staged at Camploy