School calendar 2022

Mark your calendar. Find out when the school holidays start in Peru. Credits/Andean.

In March 2022, the authorities officially announced the start of the school year, which includes several educational alternatives for the student community. Among them are face-to-face, blended and virtual classes. In addition, snack times have been regulated, as well as interspersed attendance so that there are no crowds in the classrooms.

Schoolchildren must also maintain the restrictions to avoid contagion, and these measures will have to be monitored by the teaching staff to guarantee the well-being of the students.

With respect to school year for 2022the Minedu has presented a calendar that specifies the programming of school holidays, which correspond to all levels of education: initial, primary and secondary.

1st vacation period: 1 week, from May 16 to May 20.

2nd vacation period: 2 weeks, from July 25 to August 5.

3rd vacation period: 1 week, from October 10 to October 14.

Mark your calendar.  Find out when the school holidays start in Peru.  Credits/Andean.
Mark your calendar. Find out when the school holidays start in Peru. Credits/Andean.

– The educational community in general must comply with the provisions established by the Ministry of Education (Minedu) for prevention and personal protection in the educational establishment, which includes full vaccination against COVID-19, physical distancing of not less than one meter (1 m), frequent hand washing or disinfection with soap and water or with gel or liquid alcohol at 70% concentration.

– The correct, permanent and mandatory use of a KN95 mask or double mask must be respected, the implementation of a social bubble (contact only with students and teachers in the same classroom) and respiratory hygiene (use of the elbow flexed and at mouth level to cough and sneeze).

– The Minedu has developed protocols for the development of the school day, the monitoring of the health condition of the educational community and the action in the event of suspected or confirmed cases of contagion of COVID-19. The latter provides for the isolation measures and referral of cases to the health center, the temporary suspension of the blended or face-to-face educational service and its restart after the quarantine established by Minsa.

– About food consumption. A physical distance of one meter (1 m) must be kept, in an open space, accompanied by one or a teacher as part of a teaching hour. Students should not share food or utensils. Kiosks, cafeterias and school canteens will remain closed and without providing services during the health emergency.

Learn about the events scheduled for this month. Among the most outstanding celebrations are the commemorations of heroes, historical and important events, as well as events that are celebrated around the world.

May 8: World Red Cross Day.

May 8: Mother’s Day.

May 11: Anniversary of the heroic action of María Parado de Bellido.

May 12: School Day of Mathematics.

April 15: Day of the Prócer Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza.

May 15: International Family Day.

May 17: World Internet Day.

May 18: International Museum Day.

May 18: Heroic sacrifice of Túpac Amaru II and Micaela Bastidas.

May 21: The Combat of Iquique.

May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity.

May 25: Initial Education Day.

May 26: Andean Integration Day.

May 28: International Game Day.

May 30: National Potato Day.

May 31: Non-Smoking Day.

May 31: Solidarity Day.


School calendar 2022 – Minedu: When are the school holidays?