School learning ‘on wheels’

Students from the Huertas Mayores school in Tudela practiced this Wednesday what they had learned in a project on the world of automobiles with 19 vintage vehicles from the San Fermín Classic Car Club Association

the 63 students of 1st grade of Huertas Mayores public school of tudelaaged between 6 and 7, work during this first quarter of the year in a Project interdisciplinary on the car worldwhich is entitled ‘On Wheels’, and which includes, among other aspects, knowing the types of cars that exist, their parts, or those that are from the past, current and those planned for the future.

To see in practice the knowledge that they are acquiring with this initiative, these schoolchildren made a whole trip to the past this Wednesday without leaving the center itself. And it is that, the San Fermín Classic Car Club Associationbased in Pamplona, ​​led to the courtyard of Greater Orchards 19 old passenger cars which, led by their owners, were received with expectation and applause by all the students.

Once parked, most of the children returned to their classrooms, with the 1st graders remaining in the courtyard, accompanied by their tutors, to enjoy these vehicles. They were able to sit in the cars, sound their horns, and ask their owners about aspects of the cars that caught their attention. “We like them a lot” commented one of the students, while others were interested in how old they were, or how the window pane went up. “In today’s cars you go up by pressing a button, and here it is done with a crank,” replied one of the club’s members with a smile.


Claudia Pérez-Nievas, the students’ tutor along with Daniel Serrano, Amaya Moreno, and Miguel Ángel Preciado, explained that the project ‘Sobre ruedas’ was chosen because “it caught their attention and we found it interesting”. “When choosing the topics, we first look at the interest it has for them, that it is didactic and that it provides them with learning. In this case, they could work on the difference between a car from the past and the present, and how the future ones will be. It is also somewhat linked to the cinema, because we are working with mythical films in which old cars appear, and many of the classics that can now be seen in the patio have appeared in those films”, he stated, while thanking the disinterested participation of the Club de Clásicos San Fermín association in the initiative.

Juan Carlos Huarte, president of this entity that has 226 partners of all the Navarrese geography, Ciudad Real, Vitoria and Logroño, and that add about 500 classic cars, stated: “We are delighted to come. These conferences give us satisfaction and we like to show our cars because, in the end, these cars are heritage”.

He pointed out that for a car to be classic it must be at least 30 years old. “We have brought a sample of all kinds to school, Mercedes, Fiat, Renault, BMW, Citroën… a bit of everything. The oldest is a Mercedes Ponton from the 1950s,” he said. “With these cars, which for me are better than today because they don’t have electronics, we go to exhibitions, fairs. Also, for example, we take residents of ‘Mecca’ on them at Christmas so they can see the illumination of Pamplona”, he commented.

School learning ‘on wheels’