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School supply trends for this 2023 and how to organize a healthy lunch box for children for the school day

The school season begins, the children dThey enjoy seeing their favorite characters on the covers of notebooks.

“Children love everything that is characters, so what is Charm, LOL, princesses, cars for children is what they like the most; all that are characters and from a series”said Kelvin Mariño, manager of the supplies store.

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Characters from the films of Charm, Avatar, notebooks with pastel colors, cars and soccer players They are the trend for this 2023 and orders for the little ones.

“The characters, all Charm and Paw Patrol, which are the most recognized right now at the moment”, said Jorge Veloz, seller.

“It has been liked a lot, look that it has a wide variety of styles, of motifs, and this year it comes with more fluorescent stickers, which is also in trend for everything fluorescent”, added Mateo Torres, vendor.

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If you are looking for economy, the range of notebooks with cartoonsincluding dolls, cars and pets.

For this school season, dreams, goals and a particular stamp of personality are carried in the suitcase.

Colors, bright markers and are other of the most striking and trending products for this school season.

Lunch box

Children’s return to school is accompanied by a healthy diet. That’s why it’s important to know What to pack the kids to eat for their something?

“For childhood it is very hand in hand in that sweets are synonymous with childhood, processed foods, chips, all this, but in reality they are precisely the foods that we should avoid in these stages of life,” Indian Carolina Gomez, nutritionist and children’s dietician.

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avoid the consumption of sodas and boxed juices is one of the recommendations.

“Something that can be done is to start to increase the consumption of water little by little or instead add sound to them with natural fruit”, said Carolina Gómez, nutritionist and children’s dietician.

This is an option that you can pack your child for the school day.

“A bottle of water would be great, we can even put his name on it, something that makes him feel happy at school, that is like a message for him, that is something special; also a fruit with some skewers depending on their age, that has dolls and colors and some whole grain carbohydrate type, for example, something prepared with oats, would be ideal ”, said Carolina Gómez, nutritionist and children’s dietician.

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Fruits and vegetables must be included in the lunch box

“For example, a frutadilla, which is a quesadilla without cheese and with fruit, we can add nuts, this can become a roll or sushi type, something striking for them”added Carolina Gómez, nutritionist and children’s dietitian.

experts recommend pack the lunch box together with your children to guide them towards good eating habits.

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School supplies trends for this 2023 | Hour 13 News