Shocking confession of a former ‘Pasapalabra’ contestant: “I wasn’t able to say everything I wanted”

Since its premiere more than twenty years ago, ‘Pass word‘He’s been through a lot. In order to become the most successful program in Spanish television has waged a hard battle that lasts to this day. At the time Telecincor fought to stay with the format of antenna 3but finally is the string Atresmedia the one that broadcasts it every day in one of the most blessed schedules on the grill.

Now, it is Antena 3 that is being harassed by the demand of an English chain forr ‘El Rosco’: the most viewed section of the Show. According to the latest resolution of the Barcelona Court, Antena 3 should stop broadcasting this part of the program; but the company has appealed the ruling and will continue as before despite the risk of facing millions in fines.

The bet is not for less: Antena 3 has become the leading space on Spanish television thanks to programs as applauded as ‘Antena 3 Noticias’, ‘El Hormiguero’ or ‘Pasapalabra’.

In the case of ‘Pasapalabra’ viewers are even starting to smell singe: many denounce on social networks that they believe that the direction of the contest is extending the battle between Orestes and Rafa to unprecedented limits to keep viewers hooked on television every afternoon, waiting for who is the lucky one to win the prize of almost two million euros currently accumulated in the program.

The format presented by Roberto Leal has many fansand this causes two large factions to have been created around the two main contestants: both accuse the rival of having a simpler ‘donut’ than the opposite, and they look for an alleged black hand behind the elaboration of the questions. explanation for so much tension between the two applicants.

Santi and Jero in ‘Pasapalabra’

The confession of a former contestant who resolves the suspicions of the audience

A few years ago, when the program was still broadcast on Telecinco hosted by Christian Gálvez, a contestant published a summary of his experience on Twitter that has not left viewers indifferent: Seeing myself at my farewell I feel that on set I was not able to say everything I wanted so I open a thread, “began his explanation on Twitter, one of the social networks most used by those who comment on the program. “I can only say good things about Pasapalabra. They take great care of the contestants and make you feel part of the family from the very first show. And they are a great team both humanly and professionally. This is the only way to explain this continued success of twelve years. They take care of every last detail and it is a pleasure to see them work with such passion and affection. All my admiration and thanks to them.”

To this, Santi added that it was “A real honor to compete with my partner and friend Jero, it doesn’t work for me to call him a rival and opponent.” Due to the affection that Rafa and Orestes show each other on television, it is to be expected that the treatment they currently receive is the same as what we see in this confession.

Shocking confession of a former ‘Pasapalabra’ contestant: “I wasn’t able to say everything I wanted”