Shot in Toulouse, the cult show “La Cuisine des mousquetaires” is back (but without Maïté)

Chef Fabrice Mignot and actress Caroline Estremo present this new version of the cuisine of the musketeers. (©France3)

It was one of the emblematic programs of the French audiovisual landscape, carried by the earthy Maïté and her southwestern accent: in the 80s and 90s, the kitchen of the musketeers put gastronomy and local products in the spotlight on FR3, then France 3.

In this program, the Landes cook Maïté created from A to Z simple and generous recipes, often influenced by southwestern flavorswith the host Micheline Banzet Lawton. An iconic duo who offered many cult sequences to the channel’s viewers.

Recipes to make at home

A simple and effective program, centered on recipes to redo at home. A DNA that convinced the teams of France 3 Occitaniawhen they wanted to put a cooking show back on the air.

“Today, cooking shows are either competitions or more heritage shows, with walks to meet producers and restaurateurs, believes Fabrice Valéry, antennas and content delegate for France 3 Occitanie. With the Kitchen of the Musketeers, we want to go back to the base of the recipe, as Maïté or even Raymond Oliver did before her. »

Two Toulouse personalities at the helm

To succeed Maïté and Micheline Banzet, two figures from Toulouse. Chef Fabrice Mignot is already a regular on TV sets. We have thus been able to see it on France 5, or more recently in the program You are great, on France 3.

Caroline Estremo will be by his side. The nurse from Toulouse who has made a turn towards comedy and stand-up, shot in a film, writes books, thus adds a new string to her bow.

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“We cannot replace Maïté, she is irreplaceable”

Some programs of this Kitchen of the musketeers have already been filmed, in the studios of France 3 Occitanie, in Toulouse. “It works well between Caroline Estremo and Fabrice Mignot, rejoices Fabrice Valéry. Fabrice is a real chef and he knows TV well. Caroline brings her banter. Finally, we have a relaxed and funny show. »

Maïté was of course warned of the resumption of this cult show to which she contributed so much (Micheline Banzet died in 2020). “She had to be the first to know!” emphasizes Fabrice Valéry. We are not replacing Maïté – she is irreplaceable – but we want to rediscover her generosity, her desire to share, her energy in this new show. »

The first issue of this New Generation Musketeers Kitchen will be released on January 7, 2023, at 11:25 a.m. on France 3 Occitanie. It will also be accessible in replay and declined on the various social networks of the regional antenna. In the long term, the ambition is also to broadcast it on other regional versions of France 3.

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Shot in Toulouse, the cult show “La Cuisine des mousquetaires” is back (but without Maïté)