Star Academy: Jean

In just a few days, the Star Academy will make its big comeback on the screens. Great news for fans of the show. Some wonder if Jean-Jacques Goldman will come in the program.

The son of Jean-Jacques Goldman in the Star Academy

On October 15, Star Academy will return to TF1. New students, new teachers and a new director will have to do their utmost to ensure that the show is a real hit.

For this new season, it is the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michaël Goldman, who will be the director of the school. In an interview with Parisian, the latter also revealed how his father had reacted.

“He congratulated me when he found out I was going to do the show. I’m not sure he has TV, but Star Ac is one of the only shows where he had done a bit of promotion so he remembered it well.confessed the new director.

Before adding: “With the students and the teachers, we will be in the same boat. We will all win if this show is successful. So that the bonuses are great, that performance is good. It is our responsibility”.

Subsequently, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman showed humor. “I’m going to have an office at the castle… I might bring a chair so I can sleep there if I’m exhausted (laughs)”he confessed.

“His father came to Star Ac’! »

One thing is certain, Michaël Goldman is very happy to be part of this new adventure. For his part, Nikos Aliagas thinks he has the shoulders to manage the school from Star Academy.

“He attended the castings. He is a child of the ball without being. His father, Jean-Jacques Goldman, is an artist and his job is also to accompany artists.said the host to TV Mag.

Before adding: ” It is both discreet and charismatic. He is not there to play a character in front of the camera. As a result, his naturalness and his integrity towards the show and his connection with what he is in life can be interesting ».

Several Star Academy fans are wondering if Jean-Jacques Goldman will make an appearance on the program. Nikos Aliagas then wanted to answer this famous question. And the least we can say is that it was cash.

“His father came to Star Ac’! People don’t remember it, but Michael Jones brought us Jean-Jacques Goldman for a title with Grégory Lemarchal”recalled Nikos Aliagas.

“If he wants to come, he comes”

“The question not to ask is: since you have the son, are you going to invite the father? It does not work like that. It’s necessary leave Jean-Jacques Goldman aloneunderlined Nikos Aliagas.

Before adding: “If he wants to come, he comes”. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before knowing a little more. For her part, several rumors also claim that Celine Dion should return to the program.

Other netizens wonder if the program will be a success. “We will see if it is. What is very interesting is that the brand is so strong that 18 year old kids who have never seen her – or via extracts on YouTube – know her! ».

“The reputation of Star Ac’ has survived without us. She went through the fashions without us. Firstly because we had emblematic figures who have been there”confided the host to TVMag.

Star Academy: Jean-Jacques Goldman will be in the program? The cash answer from Nikos Aliagas!