Star Academy: Yanis Marshall was the victim of school harassment!

Yanis Marshall, star figure of Star Academy, confided on the set of BFM TV about school bullying.

While he is used to breathing the joy of living in the Star Academy, Yanis Marshall has decided to bring up a much heavier subject. In effect, the latter returned to the school bullying of which he was the victim. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Star Academy: the candidates have new projects

Two months ago, the new season of Star Academy came to an end. Indeed, after several weeks of adventure, the four finalists had to say goodbye to the famous castle of the show. If the latter have all marked the history of the show in their own way, it is finally Anisha who emerged as the big winner of the show.

Moreover, since leaving Star Academy, Anisha continues the interviews. She then accepts many invitations and is very present on social networks. In short, the latter imposes itself on the front of the stage. Just that !

If Anisha enjoys great notoriety today, her filming buddies they too are having a great time. This is the case, for example, of Léa who continues to get noticed. While she was a candidate with a great outspokenness, she is not more discreet outside the show.

Incidentally, the Star Academy finalist just announced a big news to his fans. Indeed, on her Insta account, the latter explained that she was joining the same record company as her friend Tiana. Awesome !

But today, it’s Yanis Marshall’s turn to get noticed. Indeed, the Star Academy teacher mentioned the difficult subject of school bullying. MCE TV tells you more!

Yanis Marshall talks about school bullying

This Saturday, January 14, little Lucas, 13, killed himself. While he was the victim of homophobic bullying, the young boy preferred to end his life. Following this terrible tragedy, Yanis Marshall, dance teacher at Star Academy, decided to speak.

Indeed, the Star Academy choreographer decided to testify on this subject. And for good reason, when he was little, the latter also suffered from it. On the BFM TV set, he opened up and spoke openly.

Very moved by the situation, the young man then confided:It disgusts me that we get to a stage where a 13-year-old kid would rather die than continue to live. »

Before adding: “I don’t even dare to imagine, even if I have my own idea, what he had to go through to get there. I know that kids that age can be very cruel, because, not until then, I went through it, like many homosexuals at school. »

The Star Academy teacher also confessed: I was going to hide in the canteen (…) It was the ladies in the canteen who told my mother that I was being extorted. »

If Yanis Marshall is trying to raise awareness on the issue, there is still a long way to go. But the latter has not said his last word

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Star Academy: Yanis Marshall was the victim of school harassment!