The “Ahora” programs were the engine of toy sales for Three Wise Men

December and January comprise a typical festive season in which gifts for children take center stage.

Facing the night before “the arrival of the Three Kings” in which the little ones prepare the water and grass to receive their gifts, FIRST EDITION toured some shops in the center of Posada to find out what the situation is with sales.

A common denominator turned out to be the choice of the provincial programs “Ahora”, to alleviate the pocket through refunds and payment options in installments.

The financing is mostly by cards, with Now 12 and Now Missions. In addition to that, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays the Macro bank offers a 36% refund,” said Lorena López, a vendor at the Imperio Bookstore. She assured that sales are intensifying in Reyes “because many charge the first days of the month, and they even anticipate and buy some school supplies”.

Regarding the prices, he indicated that The increases remain “between 20% and 30%”, because the plastic industry remained on the rise during 2022.

PAYMENT OPTIONS. They assured that since Christmas the tendency to use the Ahora programs has already been noticed.

For his part, Mercedes Álvarez, in charge of a downtown toy store, said that “sales have been maintained for a long time” thanks to the Now programs “that currently offer 41% reimbursement. “People already know and come on the selected days, or else they ask if we work with the programs,” she clarified.

who coincided was Christian Silverofrom a place dedicated to the sale of toys, anime items and video games, commenting that in addition to the programs, they mostly sell through “the different card plans, especially the Macro”.

While Betiana Ayalain charge of another well-known toy store in the city, mentioned that During the afternoon of January 4, sales increase significantly, because “many leave at the last minuteor, also since it is Wednesday, it is the last day to take advantage of the Ahora Misiones program”, highlighting the prevalence of this form of payment over other alternatives.

classics and trend

Asked about the most requested toys, the sellers agreed that they vary according to age: “The early childhood classics, legos, animals and dinosaurs come out, just as cars and barbies never go out of style”, described Ayala, adding that one of the most requested dolls are “Lego” and “Lol”.

While from the bookstore, Lopez assured that “art kits, notebooks, board games and paintings” are also highly requested options. On the other hand, Álvarez highlighted that the increase in sales of outdoor toys and inflatables intensified at the beginning of the summer season.

Those known as “Funko Pop” are other dolls that remain in trend, and that is that they have the characteristic of being an imitation of popular characters, series, movies or anime. “For example, Messi’s Funko Pops were all sold immediately after the World Cup, and now there is no direct stock left”Silvero said. In addition, he added that for Christmas and Three Kings they sold classic toys, but also those generally preferred by older boys: “many accessories for Playstation 4 and 5, headphones, controls and video games for Play 4 come out.”

Prices for all tastes

The range of values ​​varies widely depending on the type of toy and the brand, but in general they start from $500 and go up to around $30,000.
Carts for children to ride, and tricycles are around $8,000 and $15,000. Some packs that bring animals or small dinosaurs start from $1,500, the same as the cheaper brand dolls.

However, there are also options under $1,000, such as simple toys for children under four that are between $500 and $700, as well as some bouncy balls.

The “Ahora” programs were the engine of toy sales for Three Wise Men – First Edition