“The damage of the gift”: the Dioscuri Association launches a new format of cultural events to raise awareness among citizens on psychological and social discomfort

Cultural events focused on various aspects of psychological and social discomfort in the contemporary era, to raise awareness of citizens on current issues and phenomena. With this intention, the Dioscuri Association launches the format “Il Danno del Dono”, conferences/shows which in 2023 will be dedicated to the theme “The body of the contemporary – eating disorders and the consequences of a pandemic”.

The format that includes a series of cultural events composed of cycles of conferences that will present contributions associating psychoanalytic reading with philosophy, sociology, anthropology and artistic language such as poetry, video, visual art, music and cinematographic ideas. At the end of each conference, a performative event on the topic will be held. The topics will therefore be treated through verbal communication with scientific and poetic elements, such as reading, and multimedia elements such as music, video and visual arts. The event also includes a theatrical performance on the theme by Jurta Produzioni.

The title of the format refers to the concept of life understood as that gift that is inherent in birth and, at the same time, as that damage that, due to the wounds generated by existence, this gift inevitably brings with it.

The first cycle of conferences will deal with the theme of the “body in the pandemic” starting from the first lockdown up to the present day. We will talk about loss, social distancing, anguish of contagion and death with the consequences we are experiencing right now both on a psychological, emotional and relational level, bringing out the increase in cases of mental discomfort and eating disorders.

After the conferences, based on the availability of the spaces, a show entitled “VIRUS” – paintings of a pandemic or a theatrical reading “INVISIBLE” – paintings of a pandemic will be proposed. This event promoted by Jurta Produzioni is presented following the poetic line and the scenic writing, in which the actors are triggered by performing tableaux vivants readings and sequences accompanied by a “soundtrack” curated by the musician Dario Parisini. The productions are centered on mixing with video clips, genre cinema and pop/rock music. In this case, musical recitation/reading with video impact will prevail, describing, even with scenic actions, the emotions felt during the period of the COVID-19 epidemic. Show performers: Francesca Martelli, Nicola Fabbri, Ilaria Troisio, Lorenza Guerra. Reading interpreters: Mario Sucich, Andrea Sagni. Audio/Video support: Dario Parisini. Direction and dramaturgy: Francesca Rossi.

The format is dedicated to Dario Parisini, actor of numerous films by Pupi Avati, well-known musician who has played with Franco Battiato and CCCP, founder of the band Disciplinatha and Dish Is Nein.

The cycle of meetings starts from Bologna on January 20, from 1 pm in the “Marco Biagi” hall of the Santo Stefano district. The second meeting is scheduled in Castel Maggiore on February 3, from 1 pm at the Biagi D’Antona Theater. The exhibition will stop in 16 other Italian cities. In addition to Bologna and Castel Maggiore, in Emilia-Romagna it will also be in Ravenna, Ferrara, Reggio Emilia, Parma and Cesena. It will also arrive in Turin, Milan, Vicenza, Pisa, Fermo, Rome, Naples, Catanzaro, Lecce, Catania and Cagliari. The Italian tour ends again in Bologna on 15 September 2023, with a full day, from 8 to 18, in the “Guido Fanti” room of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The project is realized thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione del Monte di Bologna and Ravenna. The partners are: the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Metropolitan City of Bologna, the Reno-Galliera Union, the Municipalities of Castel Maggiore, Ferrara, Cesena, Reggio Emilia, Ravenna, Catania, the Santo Stefano district of Bologna, the S.Orsola-Malpighi IRCSS Hospital, Ausl of Bologna and Romagna, Asp Catania Association, Grube Foundation, Monte di Pietà Foundation of Vicenza, Jonas onlus Italy, Sisdca, Siridap, Ananke centers for DCA, Recovery for life, Pe(n)sa different, Consult@noi, National Coordination DCA, Jurta Productions, Aies – Italian Association of Health Education, House of Psychology, Order of Psychologists of Lombardy, Fanep Associations (Pediatric Neurology Families), Nutrimente, Life beyond the mirror, Flight beyond onlus, BimboTu, On the wings of minds , Under neapolis theatre, Per Adriana, Fada odv, Casina dei bambini, Briciole, Cibo & Gioia and some high school institutes in Bologna and Ravenna.

“The damage of the gift”: the Dioscuri Association launches a new format of cultural events to raise awareness among citizens on psychological and social discomfort