The Environmental Film Series arrives in Tudela

The newly released year 2023 begins with the premiere this Friday, January 13 of the Environment Film Series 2023 organized by Ecologists in Action of La Ribera. In its work focused on the dissemination of the values ​​of nature, the group continues with this proposal that will also take place on Tuesday the 17th and Friday the 20th of January at the Moncayo cinema.

The three films, widely awarded in different categories and competitions, will be screened for free and without the need for prior registration. In addition, from the association they have wanted to thank the voluntary work of its members during the Cycle, as well as its partners, “everyone makes our existence and that of this film cycle viable thanks to their fees.” In addition, for this occasion, they also wanted to thank the Tudela Cultura sponsorship of the Tudela City Council and the Ministry for Ecological Transition.

Three films, three views of Nature

To begin with the Environmental Film Cycle, on Friday the 13th at 7:30 p.m. it will be screened at the Moncayo cinema ‘The snow leopard’. In the heart of the Tibetan highlands, photographer Vincent Munier guides writer Sylvain Tesson on his search for the snow leopard. He introduces him to the delicate art of observation, the interpretation of tracks and the patience necessary to locate the animals. As they tour the peaks inhabited by invisible presences, the two men engage in a dialogue about our place among living things and celebrate the beauty of the world. The authors share his passion and above all warn us about the vital need to be in harmony with other living beings. These “images are breathtaking, a celebration of beauty in its purest form.”

On Tuesday the 17th at the same time and place, it will be the turn of ‘The path of the shepherd’ and will be attended by its director, Silvia Pradas from Zaragoza, and Javier Lloverías, producer. A look that accompanies six people who dedicate their lives to pastoralism. “Six pastors, women and men, from different generations, raise their voices to protect their profession and life in the countryside. With an intimate and empathetic narration, led by the protagonists, they allow us to travel with them throughout a year (2019-2020) in which events have occurred that no one could have imagined. A journey through their philosophy of life that highlights the real situation they suffer and how it silently affects society. About how some try to survive so that others can live well.”

To close the film event on Friday 20 at 7:30 p.m., the close and intrepid story of Patxi Uriz, co-director, and Santi Cordón, protagonist and well-known gardener and chef from Tudel will be screened. A trip across the peninsula’Of Quixotes and seeds’.

Ecological and multidisciplinary commitment

In line with this activity, from Ecologistas en Acción they remember that to this film series and to the talks that they organize throughout the year, they add a “little recognized” work of denouncing a multitude of environmental problems. The association remains committed to presenting allegations to all large wind and solar farms, and their evacuation lines “that do not benefit the environment or consumers”, they clarify. They also highlight their defense of rivers and wetlands, for example, in the face of projects like the Green Corridor that they label as “unsustainable.” At the same time they are participating in the Life Ebro Resilience project.

On the other hand, they highlight their defense of steppe areas and their species, seriously threatened by the advance of land consolidation and irrigation. And they underline the need to improve air quality in the Autonomous Community, in the face of problems such as tropospheric ozone, which they have already reported on previous occasions. This is directly related to their claims to promote sustainable mobility in schools.

Finally, they recall that together with other organizations they have appealed to the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra for the concession permit for the Muga Mine. And they highlight his informative work on the value of the orchard, and the delivery of his Environmental Award to Antonio Turiel, a scientific disseminator expert in the end of materials and resources. As they advance from the environmental association, “we do not stop and continue preparing events and campaigns for the following months.”

The Environmental Film Series arrives in Tudela