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We present to you some Quebec films that will be released in 2023 and that we are looking forward to!

The Diver: February 2023

Let’s start with the movie The plunger, directed by Francis Leclerc and produced by Marie-Claude Poulin. It is inspired by the eponymous novel by Stéphane Larue, published in 2016 and will star Henri Picard.

Through this film, we discover Stéphane’s journey. “A 19 year old young adult, Metal fan, who dreams of becoming an illustrator. But for months he has been engulfed in a threatening spiral: he is addicted to games. In debt, without an apartment, avoiding his friends to whom he owes money, Stéphane takes a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant in order to get by. He discovers the hectic life of a restaurant as the holidays approach and its gallery of characters. »

The novel The plunger was also a finalist for the Literary Prize for College Students in 2018. The film, scripted by Eric K. Boulianne and Francis Leclerc, will be released in February 2023.

Katak, the brave beluga: February – March 2023

Spring Break 2023 has a whole surprise in store for you! In fact, the movie Katak, the brave beluga will be released in theaters to entertain your little ones!

This is an animated feature film produced by the company 10e Ave Productions. He tells the story of a “young beluga still grey, when at his age he should normally be white. Because of its color, it must remain in females who overprotect it. When his grandmother confides to him that before dying she would have liked to see her lover whom he never knew, Katak decides to grant this wish and leaves in secret, from the St. Lawrence River to the Arctic, to find this legendary grandfather. During a dangerous journey, he bonds with Cyrano, a sturgeon complexed by his big nose. Stalked by the river’s greatest predator, the notorious Jack-Knife killer whale, Katak strikes up an unlikely friendship with Jack-Lyn, a blood-scared vegetarian, Jack-Knife’s daughter. »

Katak, the brave beluga is written by Andrée Lambert, illustrated by Philippe Arseneau Bussières and directed by Christine Dallaire Dupont and Nicola Lemay. It will also feature the voices of Ginette Reno, Ludivine Reding, Guylaine Tremblay, Yves Jacques and Jacques Leblanc!

The Shoemaker: March 2023

Then, we end by presenting the film the cobbler, by François Bouvier, based on the novel of the same name by Pauline Gill. This historical feature immerses you in the life of Victoire Du Sault, played by Rose-Marie Perreault.

She is the “founder of the shoemaking industry that made the fortune of the Dufresnes, best known for the castle that bears their name in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district of Montreal. Although the entrepreneurial spirit and professional career of this visionary command admiration, it is above all her amorous impulses that will be put forward in this melodrama which we are told will mix ” an impossible love , a sulphurous love triangle and a shocking family secret”.

The distribution of the cobbler includes, among others, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Nicolas Fontaine, Élise Guilbault and Madeleine Péloquin.

Sources: FilmsQuébec, Le Soleil.

The films that await you in 2023 | newspaper the north