The series and movies coming to Netflix in February

The great streaming platform has already presented the catalog of the new things that will come to its content in the second month of the year. Among the most outstanding productions are You, Outer Banks 3, Her de ella and The Witch.

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February is coming soon. That is why Netflix presented the new thing that will come to its streaming service. Among the films and series that will be added there will be great surprises and premieres, but also some already known productions that will only be hosted on the platform.

In turn, there will be some films related to Valentine’s Day, within the framework of the festivity that takes place on February 14; one of them is Your House or Mine, starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, who return to romantic comedy with this film. While, in the case of the series, there will also be a production under the same theme: All the Times We Fall in Love, a fiction that records the different moments of love and the comings and goings of a couple.

Next, the list of premieres that Netflix will launch in February.

February 2

Freeridge: Four teenagers try to reverse a curse after a peculiar box brought misfortune (and other misfortune) to their lives.

February 8th

Chromosome 21: In this original police mystery, a dead body is found and, next to it, a young man with Down syndrome covered in blood who doesn’t say a word.

February 9

You – Season 4: Vowing to put the past behind him and be his best self, Joe starts from scratch in London. Until he finds a new obsession.

Feb. 10

Battle of Love: For a lawyer who hates to lose to men and an actor who is wary of women, love is war. But from hate to love there is a step.

Love is Blind: Where Are They Now? – Season 3: It’s time to visit the couples from last season, one year after making the decision to marry or remain single.

February 14th

All the times we fell in love: Since they met, Irene and Julio have fallen in love, separated and reunited over and over again. Will they get a happy ending?

The Perfect Couple: To win this competition of strategy and seduction, couples who demonstrate compatibility gain the power to arm or disarm other couples.

February 15

No Filter: Marcely, tired of studying, drops out of college to pursue her dream of being an influencer, but the virtual world is harder than she thought.

Red Rose: A group of teens must survive a terrifying summer after downloading an app that makes dangerous demands with deadly consequences.

Lidia Poët’s Law: In this series inspired by the story of Italy’s first jurist, a woman who is prohibited from practicing law prepares a legal appeal.

The first time: A mysterious girl arrives at a men’s school in Colombia in the seventies, breaking stereotypes, rules… and the occasional heart.

February 16th

The Upshaw Family: Part 3 – The Upshaws continue to seek success even when they only encounter trouble, but every obstacle proves that this family is all about resilience and love.

February 17th

Palermo Division: Palermo Division is an inclusive urban guard designed as a marketing operation to improve the image of security forces. While everyone tries to understand what role it fulfills, this guard accidentally comes face to face with a strange criminal gang.

Robbers: The Series – Season 2: Mehdi, Liana and Tony’s plan to escape to Belgium goes up in smoke with the arrival of a new enemy. Now they must ally with old adversaries.

The Girl and the Cosmonaut: An astronaut reappears after 30 years to rekindle a lost love and pique the interest of a company that wants to know why he hasn’t aged.

February 22

Triad: After discovering that she is one of three identical sisters, a relentless detective embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth about her past.

The Walking Dead – Season 11: In the final season, supplies and confidence dwindle as the survivors face powerful and deadly forces.

23 of February

Outer Banks – Season 3: Adventure takes the Pogues to the Caribbean and beyond when a dangerous rival sets them on a search for a legendary lost city.

February 28th

Playing with Fire: Germany: In a tropical paradise, a group of sexy, single men and women must give up sex in order to win a juicy prize of 200,000 euros.


February 1st

Angels and Demons: A symbologist is on a mission to find clues to thwart an attack on the Vatican by a secret society out for revenge.

Her: A lonely writer finds love in the most unexpected way, on the operating system he bought to organize his life.

Friends With Benefits: Emma and Adam start a sexual relationship: no lies, jealousy or intimacy. But their arrangement is complicated when unexpected feelings arise.

SWAT: Special Unit: A veteran policeman must recruit and train a team in special weapons and tactics, which must fight against an international murderer.

February 3rd

Infestation: While the coronavirus completely alters their lives, two detectives search for those responsible for a kidnapping that would be part of a sinister pattern.

Free Spirit: A tenacious Australian teenager faces her fears and pursues her dream of becoming the youngest person to sail solo around the world.

Stromboli: Haunted by memories of a failed love affair and a fight with her daughter, a woman enrolls in a self-help retreat after a failed vacation.

Feb. 10

Your House Or Mine: Best friends Debbie and Peter swap houses for a week, and what they discover about their lives could open the doors to love.

February 13th

Love Squared Again: A celebrity journalist and a down-to-earth teacher navigate rough waters when a job gets in the way of their new life together.

February 14th

Re/Member: Six students trapped in a time loop must find the remains of an unknown victim in order to break the curse and live a new day.

Everywhere: Two brothers who haven’t seen each other in fifteen years resolve their differences by fulfilling a childhood dream: touring Mexico on a motorcycle.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout: Mission failure forces Ethan Hunt and his team to cooperate with the CIA in a race to save the world from nuclear extermination.

February 16th

The Mummy: A team of archaeologists resurrect an evil spirit mummy, and now an adventurer and a bumbling Egyptologist must get rid of the terrible demon.

The Witch: In New England, a family settles near a forest when its members believe they are victims of a curse.

Jurassic World: Jurassic World: A dinosaur theme park seeks to attract tourists with an exhibit, but its most fearsome creature manages to escape and unleashes chaos on the island.

Perfect Notes: This music-filled comedy presents a setting where the story of an intense rivalry between a cappella singing groups is lived out.

February 22

The Strangers: The privileged life of a light-skinned black woman falls apart when two strangers arrive in her quaint town.

My Name Is Chihiro: A former sex worker begins working at a food stall in a small seaside town and comforting the lonely souls who pass by.

February 24th

We have a ghost: After finding a ghost in their house, a family goes viral on the networks. But digging into the spectrum’s past puts them in the CIA’s crosshairs.

February 25

Little Women: Determined to make her way in the 1860s, a writer recalls the difficult but loving times she spent with her sisters and a friend.

documentaries and specials

February 1st

Gunther the Millionaire Dog: If a millionaire dog seems strange to you, you have to meet the eccentric caretaker in love with luxury and his entourage, which is more of a cult than anything else.

February 8th

Bill Russell: Legend: This documentary about Bill Russell, the NBA’s winningest champion and human rights icon, traces his legacy on and off the court.

February 17th

Letters from a Distance: Mexican health workers unite patients with their families through letters, videos and photos in this documentary about isolation.

February 22

The Murdaughs: Death and Scandal in South Carolina: A series of tragedies shakes a small South Carolina community and exposes the horrific secrets of the most powerful family in the land.

February 24th

Formula 1: The Excitement of a Grand Prix – Season 5: Formula 1 drivers, managers and teams go full throttle on and off the track. The podium has three places, but the goal is one: to win.

children and family

February 9

My Dad the Intergalactic Hunter: An intergalactic bounty hunter takes the role of dad to another level when his children accidentally sneak into one of his missions into space.

February 14th

Robocar Poli: Museum of Songs: The Robocar Poli Rescue Team invites you to sing and dance in the Museum of Songs! What tune will play this time?

February 16th

Casper: A ghost specialist must cleanse the spirits from a mansion. What will he do when his daughter befriends the ghost that inhabits her?

Thomas & Friends: Full Steam Trains – Season 2: Full steam ahead fun! Explore new places on Sodor with Thomas and his friends as they deliver their orders… and learn to work as a team.

23 of February

That Girl Lay Lay – Season 2: Best friends Lay Lay and Sadie keep their secret under lock and key, as they get back on track with the app, school and life.

February 24th

Weirdos – Season 2: James, Max and Echo return with a host of not-so-great quips and mischievous school pranks. How much more chaos can the town endure?


February 1st

Detective Conan: Hanzawa the Guilty: In this spoof spin-off of “Detective Conan,” a shadowy suspect moves to crime-ridden Beika to exact his revenge.

Monster: A neurosurgeon faces darkness when trying to solve a series of murders involving a person whose life he saved.

Fighting Spirit: After being defended from bullies by professional boxer Mamoru Takamura, Ippo Makunouchi seeks his own strength in the ring.

February 2

Make My Day: On a remote ice-covered planet, prisoners must mine high-energy minerals. But an unexpected and deadly threat awaits them.

February 7th

Vinland Saga – Season 2: With the arrival of the millennium, Thorfinn struggles to find meaning in life. Meanwhile, the King of England wants to expand his territory.

February 16th

Aggretsuko – Season 5: In this final season, the red panda faces his biggest challenge yet as he plunges headlong into the world of politics. Vote for Retsuko!

The series and movies coming to Netflix in February