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CELICO (CS) – He died this morning, at the age of 74, in his native land in Celico, Professor Francesco Bruno, internationally renowned doctor and criminologist who with his knowledge has brought prestige to his beloved Calabria. Bruno was born in the center of Presila on May 10, 1948. The mayor of Celico, Matteo Lettieri, gave the news of the disappearance. Professor Francesco Bruno was a luminary engaged in the resolution of the most heinous Italian crimes and collaborated with various ministries for the study of drugs. In the early 1980s, on the impetus of Vincenzo Parisi, then head of SISDE, he published the first university study which connects the murders commissioned to the “Monster of Florence” with esotericism and the sacrificial purpose. Francesco Bruno, criminologist by profession, was part of defense team of Pietro Pacciani as a party consultant. Professor of Criminology and Forensic Psychopathology in various universities, he was also extraordinary professor of Social Pedagogy at the University of Salerno and holder of the chair of psychiatric sciences at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. He directed his attention, especially on political, social, moral and training issues to re-propose the centrality and subjectivity of man that the current society of new information and communication technologies seems to reduce. The funeral will be celebrated in Celico.

Francesco Bruno among the leading criminology experts

From 1979 to 1987 Bruno was an official, and then section director, at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. In 1987 he became professor of Criminology and forensic medicine at Sapienza, in the 90s he collaborated again with various ministries against mafia crime and the fight against drugs. He has also been in various television programs dedicated to serial killers, including Delitti (LA7), Maurizio Costanzo Show (Canale 5) but above all he was a regular guest for a decade at Porta a Porta on Rai1 hosted by Bruno Vespa dealing, among other things, with detective stories and crimes that have marked history Italian as the crime of Cogne. Since 2010 he has also dealt with the case of Rina Pennetti, young 33-year-old woman who disappeared in Spezzano della Sila. Francesco Bruno was also scientific director of the master’s degree in Forensic Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome and private investigator Edi Ciesco who has worked in recent years in the most controversial and difficult cases such as the murder of Natalia Gonzales Fernandez, the Colombian waitress employed by the center commercial Le Torri d’Europa, killed on 22 April 2009 in Sincelejo or that of Ramon Polentarutti, who disappeared on 14 April 2011: his remains are those found last November in the grids of the cooling tanks of the A2A plant. Bruno leaves his partner Simonetta Costanzo, university professor at Unical and his son Alfredo.

The mayor of Cosenza “Bruno pride and joy for all of Calabria”

Condolences for the passing of Prof. Francesco Bruno, was also expressed by the mayor of Cosenza Caruso “Prof.Francesco Bruno was pride and pride for Cosenza, its province and the whole of Calabria and all this even before his notoriety was considerably increased by the numerous television broadcasts in which he was usually invited and participated. The fact that today he is no longer with us saddens us and deprives us of one great figure in the field of criminological studies, sector in which it has represented true excellence and not only on a national level. Prof. Bruno – added Franz Caruso – was not only a criminologist of depth, but also a man of great culture and a highly esteemed university professor “La Sapienza” of Rome and the University of Calabria”, distinguishing himself in the field of forensic medicine and as an attentive scholar of some of the most intricate cases in the national news. The entire municipal administration – added the mayor – participates in the pain that has affected the family members, first of all his wife, Prof. Simonetta Costanzo, and his son Alfredo, to whom our deepest condolences go”. A message of condolence was addressed by Mayor Franz Caruso, for the death of Francesco Bruno, also to the municipal administration and to the entire community of Celico, the criminologist’s place of origin”.

“An honest doctor”

Numerous condolence messages between which the deputy of the League Simona Loizzo: “Sadness comes over me. A luminary in the science of forensic medicine. An honest, competent doctor. A mild person, a Calabrian who honored his land, his Celico that he loved beyond all borders. We are poorer – writes Loizzo on Facebook – and without knowing about him, although scientific and human evidence will fill, albeit in part, the void he leaves. Calabria owes him a lot”.

The well-known criminologist Francesco Bruno died in Celico, he was 74 years old