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Two start-ups from the Côte d’Azur will take part on Wednesday 18 January in M6’s flagship program “Who wants to be my partner”. Valérie and Florent Jehanno Mallet, creators of “Fruggies” in Mandelieu and Anne-Laure Monier, founder of Nanaba in Nice, will have to convince six seasoned investors to join their adventure. A challenge that will also bring them great visibility.

It is the favorite program of entrepreneurs which can also pay off big for the creators of companies who participate in it. This may be the case for two entrepreneurs from the region who will thus find themselves in the spotlight Wednesday, January 18 from 9:10 p.m. on the M6 ​​program “Who wants to be my partner”. Valerie and Florent Jehanno Malletcreators of “Fruggies” in Mandelieu and Anne-Laure Monier, founder of Nanaba in Nice, will meet six well-known investors and try to convince them to join them by becoming their partners. A show that is entering its third season in a format inspired by Japan and known in the United States as “Shark tank”. (Photo DR: Anne-Laure Monier from Nanaba will try to convince investors).

Fruggies: making fruits and vegetables accessible to all

Valérie and Florent are the founders of fruggies. This is an atypical duo, mother and son, who are driven by the desire to create a new way of thinking about their daily consumption of fruit and vegetables by making it easier, faster but above all more ecological. Fruggies thus seeks to make fruits and vegetables accessible to all and in all forms thanks to the process used by astronauts and NASA: freeze-drying. A process which makes it possible to preserve the nutritional qualities. Both present themselves to investors to develop their production and their marketing.

They will have to succeed in convincing the six seasoned investors that are Isabella Knight (formerly CEO BIO K+ International), Anthony Bourbon (Feed), Delphine Andre (GCA), Jean Pierre Nadir (Fairmoove), Marc Simoncini (Angell) and Eric Larchevêque (Ledger).

Nanaba: one of the most promising French EdTechs

Same challenge for Anne-Laure Monier with Nanaba. The Nice startup is positioned among the most promising French EdTech thanks to its world-leading technology. Integrated into the Google incubator since October 2022, it has strong societal commitments. This is an educational application aimed at transforming digital addictions among 6-15 year olds for the benefit of Education.

Its concept responds to the first source of family tension but also of dropping out of school: the overuse of telephones and tablets. With Nanaba, parents can turn kids’ bad digital habits into school review screen time. Today, 70,000 users from 17 countries have already been won over and 2,500,000 quizzes have been played by children in 15 months of marketing.

Which investor will join the “Fruggies” or “Nanaba” adventure? Answer on January 18.

TV: who would want to be a partner in Fruggies or Nanaba? | WebtimeMedias