Via dei Corti 2022: The winners of the eighth edition

Two days where cinema, declined in all its forms, was the only true protagonist. Between screenings and meetings, all the winners of Via Dei Corti

The eighth edition of the Via dei Corti, Independent Film Festival. The two days of the festival took place at the Angelo Musco Auditorium in Gravina di Catania, which saw the presence and participation of many aficionados, curious and young admirers of cinema and especially short films. Many screenings and awards that followed during the evenings conducted by the actresses Adriana Scalia and Giulia Sapienza, there was no shortage of emotions thanks also to the beautiful performances of the boys of theGravina Art Association who, every evening, kicked off the festival with small artistic pearls linked to the theme chosen for this eighth edition, Peace, a message that we hope will involve and reach everyone.

An intense VIII edition both for the number of works received from all over the world, and for their high quality, the juries of the different sections: documentary, animation and international competitionafter a careful and accurate selection have decreed the winners.

The Best Documentary Award was won by “Argonauts” Of Giancarmelo Arenawhich narrates, through images, the life and thoughts of the inhabitants of Ginostra and Stromboli.

The adhesion of many foreign countries makes Via dei Corti an ever growing reality that wants to establish itself in the panorama of international festivals, evidence of this was the winner of the Best Animation Film Award won by the short film “Fetch” Of Sam Gill, coming from New Zealand.

Furthermore, during the two evenings, the young jury, made up of the talented boys of Via Grande Studios, awarded the prize for the best documentary to “Flying Moms” Of Paul Fossati and Giulio Tonincelli and for the best short film a “Good manners” Of Valerio Vestosothe latter also won the audience jury prize.

There have been so many awards and mentions given to works, directors and actors who have distinguished themselves for their work. The Sicilian Talent Award was won by the young and eclectic actor John Arezzoengaged on various fronts, cinema and theater, during the evening the public was able to appreciate him for his performance in the short film “Hungry Birds” by Raffaele Romano.

The Film Award in Sicily was assigned to the director Daniel Gangemi for his documentary “Something Still Burns” which tells the artistic career of the Catania singer-songwriter Mario Venuti.

Like every year, the partnership between Via dei Corti and Globus Network was renewed in this edition too, the president Enzo Stroscio delivered the Globus-Via dei Corti Award for the valorisation of the territory to the writer, actress and producer Deborah Scalzo for the short film “Branded Heart”by Giovanni Ruggeri, the assistant director Antonello Licciardello collected the plaque.

There Special mention of the artistic direction for the direction went to the director Nino Giuffrida for his fantasy short film “Etnean district – Argante” which traces the exploits of the legendary Ghostbusters in a new adventurous story that took place on Etna.

In the international courts section, to win the much coveted Best Film Award of the eighth edition of Via dei Corti was the short film “Good manners” of the director Valerio Vestosoa particularly popular work that has won numerous awards including the Best Male Performer Award awarded to the talented actor John Esposito. While the Award for Best Female Performer went to the Sicilian actress Rita Abela protagonist of “Big” Of Daniel Pini which also won the Best Director Award.

Finally, the Director Award named after Armando Buonadonna was assigned to Alice Sagrati for the documentary “He invents himself wrong”.

Via dei Corti is also School Courtsa section to which, the President Marcella Messina and the artistic director Cirino Cristaldiparticularly hold because the short films produced by young people not only show us the world of children with the problems and joys of their age, but they are also the first works of talented students who thus begin to approach the world of cinema and who, continuing to cultivate their passion and by studying, they will be able to become future directors.

The artistic director Cirino Cristaldi in closing, having taken the stage, he confirmed the appointment for the next edition, thanking the large audience present and all the organizational staff who worked as always with passion and determination to create a festival which, year after year, confirms its growth in the panorama of international competitions.

The event, organized by theNO_NAME association in partnership with Gravina Art, is sponsored by the Municipality of Gravina of Cataniathanks to the mayor Maximilian Giammusso and the administration for the support given to the initiative.

Below are all the awards and mentions awarded:


Best Film “ Good manners ” by Valerio Vestoso (ITA)

Best Director to Daniele Pini for “Big” (ITA)

Best Editing to Valerio Vestoso for “ Good manners ” (ITA)

Best Screenplay to Valerio Vestoso for “ Good manners ” (ITA)

Best Photography to Sandro Chessa for “Big” by Daniele Pini (ITA)

Best Soundtrack to Giandomenico Petillo, Alessandro Fusaroli for “Big” by Daniele Pini (ITA)

Best Female Performer to Rita Abela for “Big” by Daniele Pini (ITA)

Best Male Performer to Giovanni Esposito for ” Good manners ” by Valerio Vestoso (ITA)

Audience Jury Award “ Good manners ” by Valerio Vestoso (ITA)

Youth Jury Award “ Good manners ” by Valerio Vestoso (ITA)


Best Film “Fetch” by Sam Gill (NZL)

“Via dei Corti” Award – Dirty

Dozen” for Best Director to Nayla Nassar, Edouard Pitula, Renaud de Saint Albin, Cécile Adant, Anaïs Sassatelli, Candice Behague for “Yallah!” (BETWEEN)


Best Documentary “Argonauts” by Giancarmine Arena (ITA)

Armando Bonadonna Award for Best Director to Alice Sagrati for “Sbagliando s’inventa” (ITA)

Youth Jury Award “ Flying mothers ” by Paolo Fossati, Giulio Tonincelli (ITA)


Best Film “Footsteps on the wind” by Maya Sanbar, Faga Melo, Gustavo Leal (BRA/UK/USA)


Best Film “Branded Heart” by Giovanni Ruggeri (ITA)


Best Film “Something Still Burns” by Daniele Gangemi (ITA)


Via dei Corti Award to Sicilian Talent to Giovanni Arezzo

Special mention for the director to Nino Giuffrida for “Etna District – Argante”

The prizes of the School Courts Section can be found on the website.

Via dei Corti 2022: The winners of the eighth edition