Vulture photograph revealed in ‘Spider

Vulture photograph revealed in Spider-Man 4, Sam Raimi’s canceled film

Sam Raimi forever changed superhero movies with his movies from Spiderman, a saga that was planned to extend to the fourth installment but due to various problems it never came true. After several years and many tests passed, an industry insider reveals an extremely interesting detail of spider-man 4: Vulture’s wings, a character who had been chosen as the villain of that adventure. The resemblance to the adaptation that Marvel Studios and Sony made several years later is extraordinary.

Tobey Maguire shined as Spider-Man from 2002 to 2007, giving meaning to a conflict-filled trilogy that we’ve rarely seen in the MCU, at least his mature and efficient treatment. The work of raimi It was forever marked in the genre and many films of several years later were inspired by it to create their own identity in the massive and lucrative world of heroes with colorful costumes and distinctive powers.

Vulture is a super villain from the Spider-Man comics that everyone knows, an engineer whose plans are often thwarted by the spider-like character. raimi wanted to include it in spider man 4 and now ken penders, comic book writer, reveals on Twitter a valuable photograph of the model of wings that John Malkovich as Vulture was going to use in the tape; You can see the material below:

Before Sony said goodbye to Tobey and Sam, work on SPIDER-MAN 4 had already started and I visited some friends who were working on the Vulture costume for actor John Malkovich. Once production was shut down, all materials were delivered. I have known this for almost 15 years.

It cannot be denied that these wings bear an extraordinary resemblance (not to say that they are a copy) of those used by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming, who ended up being Sony and Marvel Studios’ Vulture in the new trilogy. The character did not have much impact in the saga and he does not stand out as one of the most interesting antagonists either, but the name of the actor was enough to attract an extremely large audience; the film grossed $880 million globally and the first solo film to star Tom Holland as a teenage Peter Parker.

Sony and Marvel Studios achieved wonders with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The movie turned out to be a hit and it was really spectacular to see three spider-men swinging in the climax; but the fans already want to see them together one more time, especially Holland, who already proved to have become a whole new Spidey. At the moment there is no news about a new Spider-Man movie in the field of live-action but we hope that the studies do not take too long. no way home raised US $1.811 billion and should take advantage of the hero’s popularity.

The public of no way home it connected perfectly with many of the characters and now they want to see a new trilogy. Let’s cross our fingers that Sony authorizes and confirms the good news as soon as possible. The Spider-Verse came true and now Sony must move his strings wisely if he wants to continue getting the best benefits from him, he cannot let him die in no way home.


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Vulture photograph revealed in ‘Spider-Man 4’, Sam Raimi’s canceled film