What does Andrea Gómez, actress who played Daisy in ‘Francisco, the mathematician’, look like now?

One of the most famous programs on Colombian television is Francis the mathematician. The story of a teacher who has to teach young people to deal with is not easy at all. In the midst of his adolescence, social, emotional and academic problems, Francisco takes the course throughout the school year.

This novel had two versions, the one from 1999 and the one from 2017. In the most recent one, the main role is played by the actor Carlos Torres. Actors such as Majo Vargas, Ana María Aguilera, Mauricio Figueroa, Danielle Arciniegas, Victoria Ortiz, Juan Felipe Arcila, among others, appear in it.

In the first version, the character of Francisco was in charge of Luis Mesa, who, just as he earned “hate” in I am Betty the Ugly one for being the antagonist, In this role, he received a lot of love from Colombians for showing himself as an empathetic basic science teacher with his students and with a great listening capacity. The cast was made up of actors who are today Colombian television celebrities such as Diana Ángel, Verónica Orozco, Manuel José Chávez, Jacques Toukhmanian, among others.

Something that drew a lot of attention from this novel is that it focused on problems that youth must face. And it is that no matter how many years pass, the messages and teachings of this production are still valid in the middle of 2023. The situations that young people must experience both in the school and family environment do not change and it is a reality that cannot be covered.

depression in women – Photo: Courtesy Famisanar

One of the most remembered and beloved actresses was Diana Ángel, who gave life to Gabriela Chávez. This character showed that sincere friendship can overcome any barrier and that a person is capable of doing anything for the people he loves. In her case, he was a close friend of Magdalena.

But another of the celebrities in this production is Andrea Gómez, who played Daisy. She is also remembered for having starred in five loose widows and for her role as Dora Serna in Analia’s Revenge.

Andrea Gómez in her role as Dora Serna in 'La Venganza de Analía'
Andrea Gómez in her role as Dora Serna in ‘La Venganza de Analía’ – Photo: Taken from Instagram @laandregomez

The young lady who played that school role is already 43 years old and is considered one of the most versatile artists on national television.. He has also gained international recognition thanks to his leading role in Always alive.

The 41-year-old from Bogota has had a fairly full career since her participation in Francis the mathematician. In 2006 she was part of the cast of In Eva’s heelswhere she played the role of Ana. That same year, Colombians saw her in the role of Mirna in the Colombian version of flowery. In 2008 she acted in The protected. And before being one to star in five loose widows played Irma Motoa in Escobar, the patron of evil. In 2021 he reached Evil plant and last year he was part of the cast of nursesfrom the RCN channel.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the Colombian figures with the longest history on the small screen. whatWith what project will he come in this 2023?

Diana Ángel uncovers herself and reveals the strong fight she had with Alejandra Azcárate

Alejandra Azcárate has been one of the most controversial women in the country in recent years. The comedian has not been afraid to say what she thinks and her personality has cost her more than one critic, but one of the events that has marked the comedian’s life the most was the public episode she experienced with her husband, Miguel Jaramillo, related to a cocaine shipment.

The actress and singer Diana Ángel was a guest on the program lethal TV and there, in the middle of a fun dynamic, they showed her the photos of some celebrities and the actress had to say what she thought of each of them. Everything happened in the midst of the scandal that Azcárate suffered because of her husband’s name.

“What a scare, Alejandra. These days I got a tremendous scare because I wrote something and I think she didn’t understand. There was a moment when they accused her of something and they had her involved in a tangle (…) I dared to say that the law was for everyone and that they should be investigated if they have nothing to hide,” Diana commented.

Photo: Instagram @dianangel01 and @laazcarateoficial
Photo: Instagram @dianangel01 and @laazcarateoficial – Photo: Photo: Instagram @dianangel01 and @laazcarateoficial

The singer assured that she understood why her comment could sound strong, but that she never intended to hurt Alejandra Azcárate. “She has had very strong attitudes towards me and these days she saw me in a restaurant and got up to say terrible things to me and it overwhelmed me a lot. I asked her for forgiveness (…) she was quite strong and I am very sensitive and I left crying, ”said Diana.

Then he emphasized that he is afraid of Azcárate. “Each one has to go through their process, I have nothing against her and I publicly tell her that it was a misunderstanding. Yes, she scared me a bit, I’m a bit scared of her… the scene was quite scary ”Angel concluded.

What does Andrea Gómez, actress who played Daisy in ‘Francisco, the mathematician’, look like now?