Who are Me vs. You? Private life, marriage, real names of Luì and Sofì

Who am I vs. You, the most popular young YouTubers and influencers among children in Italy?

Italian children know well the duo Me against you, who caused a sensation thanks to their videos and their film. Sofia Scalia and Luigi Calagna achieved fame thanks to their Youtube channel and their story is worth exploring.

Sofia Scalia and Luigi Calogna are two characters that require further introduction.

Sofia Scalia and Luigi Calagna are a couple of YouTubers from Palermo. Sofia, born on May 14, 1997, is 23 years old, while Luigi, born on December 6, 1992, is 28 years old. Luigi initially studied Pharmacy at the University of Palermo, but changed his course of study to Communication Sciences, which he now follows together with Sofia. They took their partnership to the next level by studying together.

Are Luigi and Sofia engaged?

Luì and Sofia met in 2012 thanks to a mutual friend of Sofia’s cousin. Luì immediately fell in love with Sofia, even if he was initially hesitant due to the age difference. They eventually fell in love and started collaborating on projects, eventually debuting on YouTube. They are now engaged, although some mistakenly believe they are relatives or just friends.

The launch and reception of the content on YouTube has been well received.

On October 4, 2014, Luì and Sofì posted their first video on YouTube. As they later recalled, “the first video was only seen by our parents,” and they had no expectations of success. The video featured a challenge, called The Maze Runner Challenge, based on the fantasy film starring Dylan O’Brien. The challenge involved both participants creating mazes and the other trying to solve them as quickly as possible. Despite the poor quality of the initial video, the two persevered and eventually achieved the success they have today. Their videos feature content like games, challenges, and other topics that appeal to their young yet engaged audience.

The success of Me vs. You was widely celebrated.

It’s been a while since the Maze Runner challenge and the two YouTubers have been consistently posting videos every day, even on holidays. After achieving success on YouTube with 5.6 million subscribers and over a million views per video, the two moved on to the big screen. The film, titled Me vs. You The Movie: The Revenge of Mr. S, was released in theaters on January 17, 2020, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film proved to be a huge hit, earning nearly 10 million.

What are the respective salaries of Me and You?

Me Against You Ltd., of which they are directors, has been extremely successful in recent years. Their film has earned over 10 million euros and their merchandising and videos have generated an impressive fortune. In 2018 they earned almost 3 million euros, a significant increase compared to the 500 thousand euros of the previous year.
The Me against you brand

The two boys have expanded beyond the realm of film and video, launching their own brand of clothing, toys, school supplies and a sticker album. In addition, they have recently written a series of bedtime storybooks called Have Fun with Luì and Sofì. In 2017, they partnered with Disney Channel, creating a series called Like Me, as well as a challenge game show Disney – Me vs. You.

Who are Kira and Ray

The song of Me vs. You mentions Kira and Ray, the two small canines owned by the couple. Kira was initially adopted by Sofia’s grandmother and she has since become a much loved pet to her two new owners. Later, they took in a long-haired chihuahua named Ray, much desired by Luì. These two canines have garnered a lot of attention and even have their own Instagram accounts, where they showcase the wonderful life they lead.

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