With stress due to the January cost, classes begin this Monday in Veracruz | e

The back to school for preschool, primary and secondary students in veracruz finally it will be this January 9, after a vacation period close to three weeks. Some parents comment that they resent the stress of january costespecially after making large payments.

agrahel cortes refers that, although he did not make the purchase of School Supplies and uniforms, their family economy was affected with tax payments As the predialas well as Water and light serviceswhich are added to the expenses of the festivities of December 24 and 31, including the Kings Day.

“Apart from the beginning of the year, the strong payments of the predial, water and light; With a short hand, they were from 3,000 to 3,500 pesos, which I spent only on payments for services and taxes,” explained.

The mother of the family, who has a temporary job as demonstrator of products, comments that his son is returning to the second year of high school. It was when the 2022-2023 school year began that she spent on supplies and uniform.

Will return to school in Veracruz be with the use of face masks?  this is known

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Will return to school in Veracruz be with the use of face masks? this is known

With the backpack and clothes ready to resume classes, Agrahel adds that by spent daily now the cost of transportation will be added, as well as the 30 pesos a day for Randall’s breakfast.

In the entity, according to the Veracruz Secretary of Education (SEV), there are 2 million 30 thousand 443 students in all educational levelswith cut to school calendar 2022.

Of those, 210 thousand 717 children attend a preschool education school; 805 thousand 246 go to a primary education institution and 364 thousand 534 go to secondary school.

The rest of the students are divided between those who attend the high schoolto the collegeto special education schools, adult education, for work, among others.


Agrahel acknowledges that the extra week of holidays It took her by surprise and that is why she could not schedule activities for her son, who took advantage of the first days of the year to watch movies and videos on his cell phone.

“Before leaving class, he took a spent in stationery, as well as cleaning supplies because the sanitary measures of the pandemic continue. The children continue to go with face masks and masks, as well as antibacterial gel.

Now he expects the teachers to work to catch up, as the distance classes it caused a delay in most of the children who are currently struggling in their learning.

“I don’t see that they assign homework and in the case of my son I do see him a little behind in what subjects are, for what secondary school is, I think it is so that he would already be better prepared,” mentions.


And it is that the return to school in what will be the continuation of the school year 2022-2023 it occurs in the midst of various important economic and social scenarios.

In the first one, inside the call “January cost”a period of slow recovery of the family economy, after the expenses of Christmas, end of the year Y wise men.

According to the study “Christmas Costs 2022” of the organization WorldRemit, Mexican families were among the most affected is Christmas season in relation to the income and the costs of dinners, gifts and typical arrangements of the season.

Thus, it was estimated that Mexicans spent 206 percent of their monthly income in these festivities; expenses include an average of 3 thousand 93 pesos in food, 8 thousand 492 in decoration and 9 thousand 800 in gifts.

For its part, the Institute of Economic Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), indicates that year after year, Mexican families spend up to 40 thousand pesos on festivities, including Christmas and Three Wise Men.

While, for Three Wise Men, parents spend between 501 and a thousand pesos for gifts of their children, according to a survey conducted between 2019 and 2020.

Given the panorama that represents the return to lessons In the middle of the January slope, the BBVA bank launched a series of advice to take care of money what remains for families

Among these, it is worth noting that, from the beginning, a percentage of the salary to save it and allocate it to the different costs What does the new school year mean?

Also, recommend making a budget to pay the School Suppliesuniforms and footwear, emphasizing having a plan to cover the payment of inscriptions Y tuition fees.

It is indicated that, if the bonus has not been fully spent, it can be invested in contracting school insurance or, where appropriate, used to pay school fees in advance.


Regarding the social context, the return to school occurs in the midst of the sixth wave of coronavirus infections covid-19.

And it is that since December 2022 began, the infections have gone to the risealthough it is not compared, yet, with any of the waves past, it does have the attention of the health authorities.

Properly, the rise in infections It started on December 5 and from that date, although it has had some variations, they have always been increasing.

The dates on which there were the most infections, according to the Federal Ministry of Healthwere on December 19 and 20, that is, a week after the festivities to the Virgin of Guadeloupe, which brought together dozens of believers throughout the Veracruz territory. With cutoff to January 6, 2023, veracruz has 229 thousand 505 cases accumulated confirmed and thousand 616 cases assets. In addition, it has recorded, throughout the entire pandemicat least 17 thousand 77 deaths.


With stress due to the January cost, classes begin this Monday in Veracruz | e-veracruz.mx