Alternative training to high school, the graphics course is back

Fourth edition in Florence, with many new features, for the three-year IeFP FIGO graphics course, an alternative to high school and free for those who participate, financed by the Tuscany Region. What characterizes “FIGO 1.0”, provided by Formatica Scarl, is above all the specialization address which becomes “hypermedia”, or rather dedicated to the digital field and to today’s novelties.

In fact, the kids will carry out immersive educational experiences with Virtual Reality and dedicated platforms, they will use the Arduino system to create prototypes and interactive projects in an IoT key, thus developing mathematical and scientific skills, finally they will use Minecraft, a system in the metaverse that will allow them to integrate the theoretical study of history with the visualization and interaction with the reference environments and monuments.

Registration for the FIGO 1.0 course, which will begin in September with the start of the new school year, is imminent: to participate, you need to connect to the MIUR “Scuola in Chiaro” portal from 9 to 30 January 2023 at this link indicating your choice and entering the machine code FICF016009.

Obviously there is no shortage of basic skills, therefore Italian, mathematics, English and all the other “classical” subjects, specific laboratories for the graphics sector, and other projects that have been proposed in the past in previous editions.

Among these is the use of the “Avatar” system, a project developed by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the CNR of Pisa, designed to promote lifestyles and behaviors capable of counteracting the burden of chronic degenerative diseases, of great impact epidemiological and maintain and improve the psychophysical well-being of adolescents and future adult citizens. You don’t study on books, but on tablets provided to the kids, on which you can download all the teaching materials digitally. The class has a tutor at its disposal, a professional who supports teachers and students, supporting them in every difficulty and moment of the day.

Among the other points of distinction, the training plan also includes experiences related to green, communication through a masterclass with the prestigious Holden school of Alessandro Baricco, gender culture and bullying prevention in collaboration with the national network of associations ” Educating to Differences”, as well as didactic-environmental experiences with Uovo alla Pop and conscious consumption together with Unicoop Tirreno.

During the three-year period job days will be organised, i.e. specific meetings with companies, a post-school placement process will be launched in collaboration with the temporary agency Synergie with the promotion, during the study period, of dual apprenticeship actions, already tested successfully by the training agency Formatica.

These are the “technical” details: each year the students will attend 990 hours of training for a total of 2970 in the three-year period. It is a question of 1085 hours of theoretical training (of which 30 hours of accompaniment), 1085 of laboratory training, 800 of school-work alternation. All children who have obtained their middle school diploma by next summer or in any case under the age of 18 who have completed lower secondary school in previous years can enroll.

In a nutshell, even those who are currently studying in a higher institute or have dropped out of school, if still a minor, can relaunch themselves in this path which provides, at the end of the three-year period, a 3EQF qualification recognized throughout Europe, with which three paths open up: appearing on the job market, enrolling in the fourth year of a vocational institute and then resuming the “traditional” path, finally following a fourth-year IeFP path to strengthen one’s skills.

For information, you can contact Formatica, the contact person Martina Nesi at the telephone numbers 0574966555 and 3339257841, or contact the Formatica Scarl office in via Gozzini 15 in Ospedaletto di Pisa (telephone 050580187). References also on the sites And

Source: Formatica Scarl

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Alternative training to high school, the graphics course is back