Antas asks for a

The delegate of Educational Development and Vocational Training, Francisco Alonso Martínez, has made a visit to the municipality of antas where he has been received by the mayor, Pedro Ridao Zamora and by members of the municipal corporation of the two majority political forces.

The purpose of the visit has been to meet the demands that have been requested from the mayor’s office to improve the functioning of educational centers, as well as confirming the magnificent activity that takes place in both centers. The educational delegate has stated that “we are interested in knowing the educational work that is carried out in Antas”. In addition, he added that “everything in our power will be done to improve education in the town.” For his part, the mayor thanked Alonso’s visit for “the interest shown in our centers.”

The issues that have been discussed in the mayor’s office have consisted fundamentally of seeking strategies to be able to start the construction of a gym and an assembly hall for CEIP El Argar. Alonso has declared that “we take note of the needs that the centers demand” and has described as “precise” and “essential” the joint work between Education and the City Council so that students and teachers carry out their activity “in the best conditions”.

The mayor has asked the delegate for “effort and commitment” so that “the gym can be built as soon as possible for the enjoyment of our students. Thus, when the weather conditions are adverse, they will be able to continue developing physical activity and any theater or Christmas party can be held without any problem that prevents it”. He has transmitted that it is a request from the students in the two Children’s Plenary Sessions that have been held at the Antas City Hall.

After the visit to the mayor’s office, they have traveled to the educational centers. First of all, they have gone to the CEIP El Argar. The delegate has verified the state of the facilities that have undergone renovation or new construction in recent years. Specifically, since the 16/17 academic year, works have been carried out to improve the school: the replacement of the warehouse roof and fiber cement downpipes, the acclimatization of the center in the face of high temperatures with the replacement of windows and lattices, the installation of fans in several classrooms and construction of a porch, and repair of toilets. The latter have suffered damage that must be repaired “as soon as possible,” Alonso has transferred. In total, the investment made has been 153,252.95 euros.

The mayor has committed to carry out future maintenance and conservation improvements that will be duly managed by the City Council.

Next, and to end the visit to Antas, the delegation went to the IES Azahar. The director of the center has shown him its facilities (sports hall, library, music rooms, computer science and laboratory…) as well as the projects that are worked on at the IES. The delegate has taken a magnificent impression of the centers, their teachers and students and has verified on site the operation and professionalism that governs both.

Antas asks for a