AS Gensac

The children of AS Gensac Montcaret. © Jean-Philippe Barat.

Covering a territory of 2,000 inhabitants, the AS Gensac-Montcaret football club brings together more than 250 members. A great performance for this rural club. The point with Jean-Philippe Barat, president.

In the shadow of its flag team, the AS Gensac-Montcaret football school is running at full speed.

For this 2022-2023 season, despite two Covid years, young people are arriving en masse at ASGM. A source of pride for its president, Jean-Philippe Barat, who specifies: “ the football school is gaining momentum. Thus, over this season, we have seen a 20% increase in the number of licenses among young people. For the record, the 2 villages of Gensac and Montcaret have 2,000 inhabitants. We have within the club, 240 licensees – 158 are youth licenses – more than 10% of the number of inhabitants. it is colossal”.

To achieve this success, the leaders have put in place educators in each category who all do quality work: “I thank the educators for all they do and all those who contribute to the functioning of the club. There are real shadow workers with all these volunteers who make us a real family club”.

Since he is president of the club, Jean-Philippe Barat and his team have been working to restore a union between each stakeholder of the club. Whether senior players, volunteers, educators, players in the youth categories, board member or parents, it is important for Jean-Philippe Barat to create “a union club. We had lost her a bit but she is coming back”. It must be recognized that with the Covid years, it was a bit complicated to set up moments of conviviality. It was even forbidden for a long time. And this is complex for clubs like ASGM because according to the president“these moments of sharing save our association because it is the only thing we can offer”.

Among its highlights is the Christmas tree which brings together all the licensees. It’s the only time that brings everyone together. And it has been two years since this event could take place. During the latter, the licensees are offered a gift. This season, it was a T-shirt in the colors of the club.

“That moment is as important as the tournaments we organise,” explains Jean-Philippe Barat. It is an investment that is priceless and that is linked to human relationships. We thus gain in fraternity. I am delighted because everyone is going in the same direction”.

And this allows this rural club to have a team in all categories. There is currently just a lack of a U19 team. But, a team of this category should see the light of day next season thanks to the “word-of-mouth young U17. This will allow us to prepare young people for the senior world because currently the march is too important”. The women’s section also continues to develop, under the responsibility of Philippe Gariou.

AS Gensac Montcaret is therefore running at full speed ignoring the difficulties encountered for the rural associative world. And for this, the president does not fail to thank the municipalities which are a precious help by the provision of the structures and this despite the current economic context.

Marie-Laure DELON

AS Gensac-Montcaret: the football school is running at full speed