At school, at work, in love… Is life really easier when you’re beautiful?

It is often associated with good or kindness and is very generally valued in our Western societies. Beauty and physical appearance, oh so subjective elements some would say, remain the preferred criteria for evaluating a person at first sight. At the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez on Europe 1, Jean-François Amadieu, professor of sociology and human resources management, has listed the advantages that the “beautiful” or the “beautiful” can take advantage of throughout their lives.

Beautiful and well-dressed children: the darlings of teachers

Benefits that can arise from childhood on the benches of primary school. “On the subject of the ‘premium for beauty’, the oldest studies available to us relate in fact to schools where we realize that teachers favor the cute child, the well-dressed child”, develops Jean-François Amadieu. A conciliatory treatment which is illustrated in different ways. “Not only do they have better results but we will also forgive them for small errors and nonsense”, assures the sociologist.

Conversely, “he who is less beautiful, when he does something stupid, pays the price”. This label that we gladly stick on the forehead of some students ends up being reflected in their behavior. “By dint of seeing that you are appreciated, that you are given a personality, you will end up conforming to the character. You will become the one who will be violent or who will be nice”, assures Jean-François Amadieu. A vicious (or virtuous) circle initiated by purely physical considerations.

Once to college, again, the “beautiful” will reap fewer taunts than the others. “The first factor of mockery, a sidelining in college and high school, is the look and the physique”, notes Jean-François Amadieu.

In love: the physical criterion remains number one

A little later, when the time comes to find love, the physical argument naturally plays a leading role. “People always talk to you about inner beauty, say they look at other things etc… In reality, the physical counts enormously”, certifies the sociologist, taking as an example dating apps. “On the internet, you will notice that it is essentially an image. And it is on this criterion of physical appearance that the first choice is forged.”

However, when it comes to their love life, people with good looks can also pay the ransom of fame. “First there is the idea that the person would be inaccessible and for many, beautiful people are people who will not be faithful in love or who will be selfish”, develops Jean-François Amadieu.

A professional asset

Disadvantages that are nevertheless mocked by recruiters who will also tend to favor people who are physically spoiled by nature. “Some studies have been done in United States and I did it in France too. We sent the CV of the same woman with a photo on which she is made up and another in the natural. And we looked at what was going on: and I confirm to you that by wearing makeup, you will look, in the eyes of the recruiter, more intelligent and competent”, affirms the sociologist who warns however: “it only works ‘with so-called professional make-up, not glamorous make-up for Saturday night’.

Finally, Jean-François Amadieu emphasizes the “beauty bonus” which generally rewards the most beautiful employees who are more easily granted a salary increase. One more advantage that attractive people can enjoy in our Western societies.

At school, at work, in love… Is life really easier when you’re beautiful?