At school with a gun in Bassano del Grappa: the teacher sees the barrel sticking out of his backpack and calls for help

In a school in Bassano del Grappa a student brought to class a blank pistol without a red cap, indistinguishable from a real weapon

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He brought one gun in classbut a teacher saw the rod sticking out of the backpack and called the principal, who in turn alerted the police. The student was denounced.

Scacciacani without red cap

The incident happened a few days ago in a high school of Bassano del Grappa. When the financiers took delivery of the weapon they realized that it was a chase dogsa perfect reproduction of a blank pistol Beretta 9 gauge.

But the weapon was no red cap and equipped with a charger, details that made it indistinguishable from a real gun.

The 16-year-old initially tried to justify himself by claiming that the object belonged to his father. But the man said he was extraneous to the facts.

The student’s behavior surprised both teachers and his parents since he is described as a quiet boy who never gave any problems.

It is forbidden to carry around toy weapons without a red cap

The law does not prohibit the possession of blank pistols without a red cap at home, but the offense is triggered when the weapon is taken out of the house. The 16-year-old was therefore reported to the Juvenile Court.

Finnish mother abandons Sicily.Photo source: ANSA

On the matter, reported by the ‘Giornale di Vicenza’, the higher institute has chosen to maintain strict confidentiality, avoiding any comment.

When students bring guns to school

Lately there seems to be an increase in the news that talk about guns, real or reproductions, brought to class by students.

TO I rovigo a female professor was hit with i pellets fired from an air gun during class. The woman then decided to report the whole class.

TO Verona a little boy brought a gun to class and he aimed it at the back of a companion. In the same class, another boy exhibited a knife in front of all his classmates.

TO Comacchio a boy came in in class with a machete and brass knuckles in the bag.

TO Rome a 14-year-old boy brought an airsoft gun in front of school and fired it aimed at a partner’s abdomen. The little boy, terrified, stopped attending classes for many days.

In the Lodigiano two very young people had an argument in front of school and one of them stabbed the other.


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At school with a gun in Bassano del Grappa: the teacher sees the barrel sticking out of his backpack and calls for help