Batch. A class saved at the Castelnau

Dominique Marin, mayor of Castelnau-Montratier in the Lot. (©Actu Lot / MFP)

On Friday January 27, 2023, the mayor of Castelnau-Montratier in the Batch Dominic Marin and its Municipal Council, surrounded by the mayors of Pern, Saint Paul-Flaugnac, the president of the Community of Communes of Quercy Blanc, representatives of the gendarmerie, volunteer firefighters from Castelnau-Montratierwelcomed Castelnaudais and Castelnaudaises who came in large numbers for the wishes.

The mayor mentioned the balance sheet and projects of the municipality, and announced that the endangered class in elementary school would be saved.

Dominique Marin, recalled that times were very difficult, in more ways than one: the war in Ukraine, the health crisis, climate change and inflation. Before taking stock of the year 2022, he briefly recalled the disappearance of two figures from Castelnaudary: André Valmary and Remi Dupont.

2022 review in Castelnau-Montratier

The mayor outlined the main axes of the past year. First of all the operation of the health center, an important and essential project for the village. Now, he wants the salaried doctor to be able to encourage vocations among other young doctors since the center can accommodate up to three general practitioners.

The extension work of the cemetery, with a few twists and turns, is finally finished.

Renovation work has been done at the Castelnau-Montratier gendarmerie. At the end of June, the town officially opened the Camping car park and campsite in my village, allowing more visits to the town to be attracted. In July, August and September more than 420 overnight stays were recorded.

Current projects

A good boost for Castelnau-Montratier. The Moussur stadium site is in full swing and the project for the multi-association zone planned for the former Spar building is at the planning stage.

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A study is underway to best consider the occupation and redevelopment of the former EHPAD. Following the departure of the Treasury, two structures will share the premises: one part with the water syndicate, and the other part with the Tourist Office. This announcement delights most Castelnaudais who appreciate seeing the tourist office return to Place Gambetta.

A saved class

An elementary class was in the hot seat. Dominique Marin and his assistant Joëlle Sanson met with the Departmental Director of National Education Xavier Papillon, to try to argue about maintaining the class, while listing the actions taken to revitalize the village as well as the Small Towns of Tomorrow that is in progress.

Since Wednesday, January 25, he knows that the class will not be closed and the mayor was happy to be able to officially announce it during the vows.

Igor and Olga, Ukrainian refugees in Castelnau-Montratier

A couple of Ukrainians have been staying in Castelnau-Montratier for a few weeks. From the start of the conflict, the municipality positioned itself with the Prefecture by offering accommodation for Ukrainian refugees. It was at the end of the year that the arrival of the couple was announced.

Olga and Igor come from the Donetsk region where they lost everything. The language barrier did not facilitate communication, but that evening, Dominique Marin introduced them and in the end several people went to meet them. A few words of Russian, and a lot of Google translation made it possible to get to know each other better.

Since then a small network has been formed so that they can integrate into the community.

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Batch. A class saved at the Castelnau-Montratier school