Bloodstains on a school facade in Nice: we explain what happened

Emotion for parents of students and passers-by this Tuesday morning in front of the Papon school in Nice. The facade and one of the steps of the school had numerous traces of blood. Explanations of what happened and their origin. Two people will be brought to justice tomorrow.

This Tuesday, January 10, parents of students discovered countless traces of blood on the walls and the threshold of the Papon school, rue Boyer, in Nice.

Two individuals were arrested, they will be presented this Thursday, January 12 for an opening of judicial information, which confirms to us the public prosecutor of Nice, Xavier Bonhomme. They are two people aged 27 and 28of Libyan and Tunisian nationality. Both dispute the facts after an as-yet-unidentified victim was injured in the arm, and his blood spilled on the walls of the facility.

The rumor of a homicide quickly circulatedbut it is about a man injured during an attack the previous night, which would have left the marks of this bloody altercation.

It is an access from rue Jean-Pierre Paponlocated at number 6 bis, that traces of blood have impregnated the adjacent white walls, revealing adult-sized hands.

The drainpipes were also smeared, as was the surround of the door or the threshold of it. Parents of students and passers-by discovered this sad picture, after 7 a.m., this Tuesday morning in front of one of the facades of this establishment which hosts a nursery and elementary school. It is located in the Port Lympia district, to the east of Nice.

The previous night, from Monday 9 to Tuesday 10 January, firefighters intervened to recover a man injured in the arm, without its vital prognosis being engaged. It would have been assaulted by two individuals. An investigation is underway, it has been entrusted to the legal support group of the Alpes-Maritimes departmental security. Law enforcement officials have reported that this case has nothing to do with the life of the school, or with the parents of students.

The public prosecutor of Nice, Xavier Bonhomme, informed the editorial staff of France 3 Côte d’Azur on Wednesday that he had “no certainty about what happened”. There is no custody for the moment.

“I thought the school had been tagged”

Catherine Estin is a restorer, opposite the entrance degraded by this bloody decor. This Tuesday, she arrived at her place of work and “immediately thought that they had tagged the school. I went back to my little restaurant and then there, I realized that they were traces of blood. Curiosity took me to look at what had happened , and there, I was very impressed because there were everywhere.”

The police who arrive quickly on the scene also supervised the return of the pupils, “to secure them”.

A tarpaulin left on the threshold of the door makes this restorer who approaches it fear the worst. Very quickly, in this shopping street, the rumor of a homicide spreads very quickly. For Cédric Sabouraud, manager of a nearby beauty institute, first notices that the city services are cleaning up this part of the street. “We didn’t really know what was going on, it was more the traders around who showed us photos of what happened, neighbors also told us, […] everything hadn’t been cleaned yet when the little ones arrived, so it was a bit special.”

A psychologist was dispatched to the scene and intervened in a CM2 class, where eight students asked to speak to him.

The prosecution will communicate soon when new elements are confirmed.

Bloodstains on a school facade in Nice: we explain what happened