Boy missed school 99 times ‘without justification’, mother could go to jail. here the story

In the municipality of Oviedo, in Asturias (Spain) a woman could go to jail, after the authorities confirmed that her son did not show up to school 99 times and that they were absences without apparent ‘justification’. The Principality of Asturias Prosecutor’s Office requests that the mother be behind bars for at least four and a half months.

The boy’s absence from classes, at that time 8 years old, took place in 2021 and it was not until this Thursday that the defendant appeared. At the hearing, he defended his decision by taking refuge in the wave of global coronavirus that hit several European countries hard, including Spain.

The child stopped attending classes since January 2021 (reference image). – Photo: Getty Images / Author: Christopher Hopefitch

“I found out that they had closed classes due to the pandemic and so I did not send my son out of fear for the health of my children and mine that I was pregnant. In principle, they did not tell me that it could be a crime,” said the mother of the minor, according to what was collected by The world.

There were only four justifications

The child did not return to the classroom since January of that year, despite the fact that she was warned about the responsibility and obligation to seek his education. That medium reported that, in total, there were 99 absences from the school and that only four of these were excused, the rest are the subject of the legal process that he is now facing.

The Prosecutor’s Office maintains that the mother must answer to justice and considers her reasons unjustifiable. The indicated has custody of her children and her defense requests that she be acquitted because, in the words of the lawyer, there was no intention of breaking any regulations, but only trying to protect her family from the virus.

The boy only had four justifications for his absences from class. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

“The child did not go to class for health reasons and after the mother was warned, the child has not stopped going to class either in Oviedo or in Cabañaquinta and Avilés, places where the family has been living since 2021 There is no will to fail , only the fear of contagion”, collected The mail.

Tragic ending for a video game

A minor under 10 years of age was accused of ending the life of his classmate, allegedly for having beaten him in a video game; This was confirmed by the authorities in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The aggression occurred on Sunday in a store that rents consoles.

Seeing that he had lost the game, the minor would have gone home for a gun and returned to the establishment to end the life of who was identified as Samuel. Now the victim’s family asks that what happened not go unpunished.

Under 10 years old, he murdered a friend after he beat him in video games.
Under 10 years old, he murdered a friend after he beat him in video games. – Photo: Getty images/ @Burak Fatsa

“All I ask is that you help me do justice, because my son died because of the parents of that child who killed my son, because it is a lack of responsibility to leave a gun on the table as if they were things to eat” , said the mother during the funeral, according to AFP. According to preliminary information, both the suspect and his relatives escaped.

Meanwhile; The governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, described as “sad” the fact that a child has access to weapons. “He has to act in accordance with his rights to see the responsibilities for the weapon, because without a doubt there are responsibilities,” he commented this Monday.

According to AFP, that state is one of the areas with the greatest violence in Mexico, due to disputes between drug traffickers and those that they wage with the security forces. In the United States, another minor, with access to weapons, shot his teacher at a Virginia school, causing serious injuries.

Boy missed school 99 times ‘without justification’, mother could go to jail. here the story