Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Ocampo assumes presidency of the state College of Surgery

Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Ocampo assumed the presidency of the board of directors of College of Surgery of the State of Colima for the period 2023-2024, a position he occupies for the second time in his career.

The formation of the new board of directors was as follows: Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Ocampo, president; Noah Alcaraz Navasecretary; javier morenotreasurer; Carlos Alfonso Castillo Barragan Y Fernando Guerrero Ramosvowels.

Torres Ortiz Ocampo He said he was aware of the commitment made, in which he will make the best of his efforts together with the new board of directors, to comply with the objectives raised by this administration. Among them, it is worth mentioning promoting and supporting the continuing education of General Surgeon in their different stages of training, promote a reliable professional practice, whose evidence is the certification by the Mexican Council of General Medicineaccording to what is established by law.

He explained that during his term he will seek to unionize within the college all General Surgeon Y subspecialties related, as well as integrating all the members of the Mexican Association of General Surgery and the National Federation of Colleges and Associations of General Surgery Specialists.

In addition, monitor the observance of the ethical and legal precepts of the practice of general surgeons in the state, promote the issuance of pending laws and regulations for the improvement of the quality and regulation of this medical practiceas well as observe compliance by the union members the activities that prove the professional social service.

A highlight of his management, he stressed, will be the protection of the surgeon general, promoting agreements or laws with the relevant instances to avoid being presumed guilty and suffering the media scorn that sometimes irreparably affects the image and doctor’s dignity.

“I am convinced of the need to link the actions of the professional colleges with public and academic institutions, in our case, it must be done with the Health Secretary and our Maximum House of Studiesestablishing a co-responsible and necessary association with them”, he pointed out.

He said that, during this next year, the members of this group will have the opportunity to be actors in the development of the General Surgery in Colima. “Let’s aspire to take it to a level of excellence,” she concluded.

For her part, the State Health Secretary, Martha Janeth Espinosa Mejiaapplauded the fact that this type of organization continues to take place among medical professionals, who open spaces for new generations and present themselves as a role model.

The state official reiterated her commitment to cooperation between academia, the state and professionals, since the union generates strength, in this case, on such a sensitive issue as facilitating the Health to citizenship.

The presidium was made up of: Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz ZermeñoRector of the University of Colima; Martha Janeth Espinosa Mejía, head of the State Government Health Secretariat; Cristina Bayardo Quesada, president of the Colima State College of Physicians; Gilberto Nazario Velasco Pineda, state commissioner of Public Arbitration; J. Armando Estrella Sánchez, outgoing president of the College of Surgery of the State of Colima.

Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Ocampo assumes presidency of the state College of Surgery