Colegio Mas Camarena becomes Official Educational Partner of the Valencia CF Academy

The academic training of the players is one of the firm commitments that the VCF Academy has been carrying out for several seasons hand in hand with the Mas Camarena Educational Complex, the best educational center in the Valencian Community and the sixth in the national ranking of the newspaper “El Mundo”.

We educate people, we train footballers. This motto that can be read throughout the entire Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna is the fundamental pillar of the training strategy that is worked on by the VC AcademyF and that is reinforced with the academic training provided by Colegio Mas Camarena.

New Educational Partner

The VCF Academy and the Mas Camarena Educational Complex have consolidated the collaboration that they were already developing in a new agreement by which Mas Camarena becomes an official educational partner of the VCF Academy.

The players of the Residence of the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna carry out their studies in the Mas Camarena Educational Complex, with the advantages of being able to do it in a center of the highest academic level and also specialized in meeting the needs of athletes and adapting the schedules to their needs. circumstances.

“In our center we work in a very personalized way with each of the young people from Valencia, in all the study options that we offer at Mas Camarena, the attention, flexibility and technology allow us to carry out their studies at a good pace and with a high level of learning. During these years we have verified that the Mas Camarena system works since all the students of the VCF Academy have obtained very good results in the Selectividad.” explains Maite Marín, Director of Mas Camarena International Schools.

“For us, training on the pitch is just as important as the academic training of the players,” says Luis Martínez, director of the VCF Academy. “The final objective is that, in addition to finding their best sports performance, they go out into the world with a complete educational training, full of values, but also tools that allow them to achieve their professional objective” stands out.

“The collaboration with Mas Camarena is being very productive in these seasons, we are instilling in the players the concept of also being demanding and

Responsible from the academic point of view and we have the sample in the growing number of Academy players who each year finish the Baccalaureate and take the entrance exams to the University, in addition with 100% pass rates “says Martínez

Mas Camarena, more than 25 years educating.

The Mas Camarena Educational Complex has recently turned 25 years old and since its foundation in 1997 the growth of the College has been progressive.quadrupling its facilities together with its Mas Camarena Students’ Resort (Residence and Sports Center) which has more than 100,000 m2. This development is added to the achievements obtained and excellent academic results that guarantee its growth trajectory, points that have consolidated the ties with the Valencia CF Academy.

Mas Camarena is committed to helping young athletes achieve their academic and sports goalsFor this reason, the school has several highly specialized training options focused on athletes such as POP or Pearson Btec, international programs with excellent academic training and great flexibility for elite athletes”.

VCF Educa and Philosophy of the VCF Academy

The agreement with the Mas Camarena Educational Complex is one of the axes that make up the VCF Educa program, the program that includes all the training actions in the VCF Academy: Academy In Community, Academy 360, School for Parents, University Agreements, Educa Academy in Social Networks and the values ​​project with the Philosophy of the VCF Academy: Sentiment, Valentia and Germanor .

A job in which all the departments participate to carry out a comprehensive training of the about 450 players who train every day at the Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna.

Colegio Mas Camarena becomes Official Educational Partner of the Valencia CF Academy