College of Teachers files complaint for misappropriation of contributions, money and embezzlement of public funds

ANDhe Community College of Teachers of Punta Arenas, through its president, Alicia Aguilante, filed a complaint against the president of the Municipal Corporation (Cormupa) of the regional capital of Magallanes, for the non-payment of social security and health contributions of the teachers, “as well as the non-payment of our salaries in full, our employer withholding sums of money from social credits that should be used to pay the same credits. That, to the above, is added the non-payment of money deducted from our remunerations regarding existing agreements and disagreements in the payment of the unemployment insurance”, specifies the document presented to the Guarantee Court, which also details that the claim is directed to the general secretary of Cormupa.


In the complaint, it is emphasized that this is a historical conflict and this is revealed by the press records of the different media. The document ensures that since 2015 these inconveniences have evolved along with their side effects, there are several causes related to this matter.

“Cormupa points out that this conflict derives from the payment of compensation for a lawsuit, ignoring preciseRegardless of which one it refers to, however, 7 years have elapsed without ceasing the violations of our rights as workers and that derive in acts constituting crimes to which the law has assigned criminal responsibility. (…) unfortunately we are faced with an employer that constantly fails to pay social security contributions on time and effectivelyAFP, Fonasa and Isapres, as well as in the payment of credit installments Coopeuch, Banco BCI Nova, La Araucana compensation fund, among others”, says the complaint, also stressing that these offenses do not allow them to obtain consumer credits and mortgages, as well as the rejection of bonds for medical attention.

recent events

Recalling that since 2020, there is a cause for the same matter, the Punta Arenas Teachers’ Association adds that there are unpaid contributions in new periods, after the filing of the previously individualized complaint. They refer to events that occurred after the year 2021.

“On multiple occasions, Cormupa has been audited, pointing out the lack of consistency between what the Ministry of Education actually delivers and what refers to what should be funds for the payment of remunerations and everything that this implies, generating a million dollar debt (…) It is in our interest to solve this irregular situation by requesting that the criminal responsibility that assists the defendants and all those who may have participated as perpetrators, accomplices or accessories after the fact be made effective,” says the complaint.

To support the lack of payments, to which credits are concerned, the document indicates that this is verified “when Coopeuch, La Araucana Compensation Fund and others have responded to the letters that have been requested in various labor cases followed before the Labor Court of Punta Arenas for violation of fundamental rights against Cormupa, evidencingor that our employer did not pay the social credits, despite deducting said funds from our remuneration. To all of the above we must add that it occurred on various occasions, and we have become aware of it from the news that has been broadcast by TV RED, with which we have an agreement, that once again Cormupa deducts said service from our remuneration whoever has contracted it, but as with the other agreements, these have not been paid, ”adds the complaint by way of conclusion of the facts.

alleged crimeyes

In view of the foregoing, specifically, the Punta Arenas College of Teachers filed a criminal complaint against the Cormupa authorities for the consummated crimes “misappropriation of social security contributions of article 13 of law 17,322, crime of embezzlement of public funds of article 236 and 237 of the penal code and misappropriation of money of article 470 nº 1 of the Penal Code”.

This is why they ask the justice system to accept processing and be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, so that there is a pronouncement in this regard.

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College of Teachers files complaint for misappropriation of contributions, money and embezzlement of public funds