Del Pozo places the Cándido Nogales de Jaén school as a “reference” in the integration of sign language


The Minister of Educational Development and Vocational Training of the Junta de Andalucía, Patricia del Pozo, has placed the Cándido Nogales school in Jaén as a “benchmark for a pioneering ecosystem of sign language” that also incorporates aerospace research, robotics and computational thinking .

“On the way to the objective of an education of excellence in our Community, the Andalusian Government is working on the deployment of a real integration between educational innovation programs and attention to diversity in the centers”, he said during his visit to the mentioned center

Accompanied, among others, by the delegate of the Board, Jesús Estrella, and the mayor of the capital, Julio Millán, she pointed out that for years they have implemented in this school a “pioneering bilingual sign language project that responds to the needs of students with hearing disabilities throughout the province”.

This initiative, as he added, “has become the backbone of the entire center project”, which also has lines of the Steam project such as aerospace research applied to the classroom, robotics or computational thinking, incorporated into this 2022-2023 academic year. .

“Without a doubt, this center represents the innovative commitment of the Board to ensure that our educational system becomes a reference in Spain, Cándido Nogales already is and what we want is that these experiences inspire all the centers and help us to extend ideas and methods, because excellence involves improving services and infrastructures, and also through the interrelationship between innovation and attention to diversity”, said Del Pozo.

At Cándido Nogales there are nine teachers specialized in Spanish Sign Language (LSE), who care for twelve students with hearing disabilities from the capital Jaén and towns in the province. They carry out sign language workshops for all the students of the center so that they can communicate with their classmates. The tutors teach classes simultaneously orally and signed.

The counselor, who said she felt “pride for the work carried out by the teaching teams of the Andalusian educational system”, pointed out that other centers in different provinces have followed in the footsteps of Cándido Nogales in recent years in terms of language teaching signs among students.

In addition, the faculty and students participate in the lines of the Steam program, within the project of advanced technologies and digital transformation of the Ministry. It seeks to promote scientific and technological vocations and cooperative learning, in this case, aerospace research, robotics applied to the classroom and computational thinking.

Likewise, this bilingual English center in the capital connects all the programs: Comunica, Bibliotecas Escolares, Aldea, Aula DJaque, Aula DCine or Creciendo en Salud.

The counselor also recalled that the Ministry has set as objectives within its global strategy the improvement of the academic results of students, the promotion of educational inclusion and a “revolution” in Vocational Training.

To this has been added the objective of the progressive improvement of the facilities of the centers, for which an investment of 54 million euros has been highlighted since 2019 in the province of Jaén. They correspond to 254 actions, between those already completed and those that are currently underway.

Del Pozo places the Cándido Nogales de Jaén school as a “reference” in the integration of sign language